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Sonic X Blog: Flyspy (Season 1, Episode 11)



Here's the blog again, and the 11th episode is what I'm going over now. In Flyspy, Rouge makes her first real appearance by stealing a very large diamond from a museum. She is later cought trying to take another gem, but instead of throwing her in prison, they strike a deal with her. If she helps them capture Robotnik, they won't arrest her (and she gets to keep the diamond). An infiltration into Robotnik's base follows.


I typically hate Rouge, but she's actually done really well here. Instead of behaving like a selfish, immature teengirl, Rouge really seems like the cool-as-ice spy she's supposed to be. Even her voice is great, which is certainly welcome here. The only complaint I had is that the Sonic and co. subplot didn't seem to go anywhere.


Watch episodes here.


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