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Sonic X Blog: That's What Friends Are For (Season 2, Episode 1)



Season 2 has begun for the Sonic X Blog, and the HOT!, NEW! episode is That's What Friends Are For. Due to Sonic's recent defeat of Robotnik, he has become quite the popular one (Sonic, not Robotnik). This has begun to intimidate the president's aids, who think that Sonic might run for presidency next and ruin their chances of re-election. Their plan is to invite Sonic to a party and have him shake hands with the president, in order to show people that they're "in" with him. However, Sonic has plans to take a girl named Helen out to a flower-covered island instead.


I fully expected this to be unbearably sappy, so my review of That's What Friends Are For is based partly of on the fact that it wasn't. I was half-thinking that Sonic and Helen were going to spend all 20 minutes crying in a flower field or something. However, nothing really like that happens. So, it is with relief that I say that this episode is recommended.


Now go watch it on Youtube.


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