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Back on Tylenol Again!

Random Terrain


I thought my brain swelling problem or whatever the heck it is might finally be over, but I've had to go back on Tylenol again the past couple of days. I don't like the idea of living on Tylenol. I wish the problem would go away and stay away. It's hard to stay awake when that stupid head squeezing pressure headache that isn't exactly a headache kicks in. It takes way too long for the Tylenol to work. The whole top of my head is sensitive to the touch tonight.


Maybe the pressure will make my skull slowly grow larger, then my brain will get bigger and I'll turn into a super-genius. :D




Random Terrain



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R.T. Coyote. Su-u-u-u-per Genius! No fun having problems you can't exactly pin down. Good luck!

Thanks. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. They'll either send me to some place to get my brain scanned or they'll tell me to keep taking Tylenol and cross my fingers that my brain won't explode.

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