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no update until next week



RL events mean the next update won't be until next week.


I'd been planning to use similiar robots & humanoid images as those found in Berzerk and Frenzy, but espire8 sent me some multi-color sprite samples that have me reconsidering:




One thing I was planning to do was to HMOVE the Missiles and Ball on every line so I could draw them diagonally for diagonal shots. I haven't looked at timing yet, but multicolored sprites and digital sample playback probably mean no time for HMOVE. I'll still implement diagonal shots even if I don't draw them diagonally.


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Had a thought for a game variation option during lunch - invisible robots. They'd all briefly appear when you first enter a room as well as whenever you shot one of them. You'd also briefly see one whenever it shot at you.

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Aw sucks!


That would have been an interesting option. Would have been like fighting the aliens of PREDATOR.

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Software collisions might be a way to work around that. I'll have to see how everything else pans out, such as ROM space for phrase samples and so forth. While the ARM code is faster, it takes up more space than 6507 code, making it harder to judge how much room will be left.

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