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Batman: Arkham Asylum (Nocturnal Hunter Challenge 0:43.12)

Random Terrain


I downloaded the free Insane Night Map Pack and have been playing the Nocturnal Hunter challenge off and on for a week or two. I had a hard time finishing it in under 2 minutes, then got it down to a little over 1 minute, then I got lucky a couple of days ago and finished it in 0:43.12 seconds.


I've been trying to see if I can finish it in 30 seconds, but I'm back to barely being able to finish in under 2 minutes. I wish I could remember what I did.




Update (June 13, 2011)


I just finished this challenge today in 42.89 seconds. I almost did it in under 40 seconds a few tries back, but the stupid guy in red got in my way and he got knocked out before the last regular bad guy.




Update (June 26, 2011)


I made a YouTube video showing how you can finish in under 1 minute. [i deleted it a couple of years later, but uploaded it again in May of 2014.]







Random Terrain



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