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Voice test wrap up



Did the robotic 7-8 treatment on the voices that work at 4000. They all have the distortion that I don't care for.


Based on the experiments done so far, I'm hoping I'll be able to use Alex4000_simple4 from the prior blog entry, but until the game code has been written I won't know how much space I'll have to use for audio samples. I will decrease the quality (or even eliminate the samples) if needed, though there's also the change that there will be extra space allowing me to add an additional word or 2 to give a little more variety to the AtariVox-less gamers.


Anyway, I'm done for now with sample experimentation.


Agnes4000_7_8 = 6522

Alex4000_7_8 = 6547

Victoria4000_7_8 = 6697





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Hmm.. I personally would perfer at the very least the 2 words "Intrudrer Alert!" instead of eliminating the samples and no voice at all.

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as would I, but until the game is written I have no way of knowing how much space I'll have for samples. As such, give it a rest before I decide that this back & forth is too frustrating and I abandon the project.

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