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Harmony tests please



For those with a Harmony, can you test this build and let me know if it works OK?



I've been experiencing crashes on my light sixer and 7800. On both it sometimes crashes right away, and other times it can complete a few words or even a few phrases before crashing. Eventually, "once it warms up", it stops crashing.


Batari's not able to find anything wrong with the new DPC+DA code, plus it runs OK on his system, so we're thinking it might be something wrong with my Harmony cartridge.


NOTE: While this ROM will run in Stella, it will not produce any audio as Stella doesn't support DPC+DA yet.


EDIT: New Test ROM



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It started out fine on my light sixer. But I left it on for a couple of minutes, and then it crashed as soon as I moved the joystick again. Subsequently, it would crash almost immediately, or after playing one phrase.


On my 7800 (which I tested right afterwards) it would crash either immediately, or while playing the first phrase.


So mine seems to be the opposite of yours. After it "warmed up" was when I had problems.


Edit: Incidentally, this is running it off an SD card, not flashed directly to the Harmony.

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OK, I retested on my PAL Jr this morning and it crashed several times almost straight away. I don't know why it was not crashing yesterday! I suspect the ARM code must be very close to the timing limits somewhere.



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Batari may have found it so I've added a new build for the 20th.


Preliminary runs on my system are now working, though the crashes have been sporadic in the past so more than just one evening's testing will be needed.

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