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It's oddly sad seeing the little guy sitting there in front of the TV, silent. Strange how we get attached to inanimate objects sometimes.


Sure glad I'm not an XBox 360 owner. :roll:

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It should be easily fixable. Some replacement chips, or maybe a new board, would bring it right back to life. It might open up some possibilities for the comic strip, too: "I was brought back to life with some chips out of a donor from Mississippi. Now I can play all the games I always did, and as an added bonus, I can play the banjo, too!"


EDIT: Wait a minute ... you actually played The Last Ninja in that console? That might have killed it right there. If that didn't do it, N.E.R.D.S. surely did.

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Yeah... I feel pretty bad about some of the games I've put it through. But at least I never bought "E.T. Book Cart".


I've already started on an idea kind-of along the lines of your suggestion. But with less banjos. ;)


But it does bring up the classic joke about a guy who asks, "Doctor, will I be able to play the violin after my operation?"


The doctor says, "Sure."


The patient says, "That's great - because I was never able to before."

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Probably all your Atari need is a new capacitor.


It's like a blue pill bring life again to old and dead things heheh

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