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It Must be Lung Trouble Season

Random Terrain


I read a status update not that many days ago about an AtariAge member who had a problem with one of his lungs that was bad enough that he needed to go to the hospital. The thing that happened to me yesterday while mowing wasn't that bad. It was just weird.


Now that I have a mask to wear when I mow, I haven't been getting horrible allergy problems from the evil plants outside. Well, I was only on the riding lawnmower for a few minutes yesterday evening when I got a sharp pain in my left lung. I thought it collapsed and I might have to run into the house and get help. After about 10 seconds, the pain wasn't as bad, so I kept mowing.


The weird thing is that not only does my left lung still hurt a little, my left side hurts and the left side of my back hurts too. I feel kind of like I fell off a ladder.


I didn't drive over any big bumps, I didn't get stung, and I wasn't tackled by a lost football player, so I don't know what could have caused the problem. It's freakin' weird.




Update (June 24, 2011 9:07 p.m.)


The pain is pretty much gone in my lung and my side and back no longer hurt.




Random Terrain



Recommended Comments

Maybe you pulled a muscle in your back or ribcage.

Could be, but you'd think it would still hurt. The muscle on the top left side of my back hurt when touched, but now there's no pain at all. It's like nothing happened.


It's not just weird, it's freakin' weird.

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