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Good tactics or just lucky?



As part of the "Welcome back" program Sony has given every PSN user a free month of PlayStation Plus - which gives discounts on downloadable content and some exclusive content. Well, I activated my free month and proceeded to download as much free stuff as I could, including several full games (including Oddworld Exodus). They might only last the month but they're free.


Then last week Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers was added as a free download for Plus. I played Magic over a decade ago; spending many a Saturday or Sunday drinking beer at the local pub and playing Magic.

And the game plays pretty much like I remember. Yes, it lacks the collection and deck building aspect of the physical game, but I don't think beginners could do much better than the included decks. I'm not sure I'm going to try the online competition; even with known decks my skills probably are nowhere close to those who have been playing since it was released.


However, WotC just released MtG:DotP 2012 and I'm giving some serious thought to picking it up. (For $10 how can I say no?) Which got me to thinking - did WotC make MtG:DotP a free Plus download as a kind of time limited advertisement for 2012 for all PSN users or was it just a coincidence?


Just like Magic, winning is a combination of good luck and tactics.


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