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1-2 weeks before the next Frantic update



My folks are coming in from Trinidad this weekend. Their household is all packed up and ready to be shipped to Africa. They'll be leaving from Houston for dad's new job in Africa sometime next week.


My next step for Frantic is to update the kernel to turn on/off the missiles for the shots. My plan is to flicker the two missiles to provide 1 humanoid shot and up to 3 robot shots. If I can also get the ball to update then I'll do 2 human shots and up to 4 robot shots.


An alternative would be to use sprites for the shots, which would allow displaying diagonal shots (below the humanoid in the screen capture) as well as reflected shots (to the right of the humanoid). However, I suspect the increase in flicker would make it not worth while.



Thought it was rather interesting that the screenshot included the bezel artwork even though I don't have it being displayed.

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Have you played with the background color any to mitigate flickering annoyance?


Right now I'm assuming the lowest black level is the "best" but toying with the idea that a sightly brighter shade would be easier on the eyes.

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