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ARM help needed



The "new" Linux ARM compiler produces the same results as the OS X compiler that batari built. So either the OS X compiler was built with the current source, or the changes made are not relevant to Frantic's source.


  • In the source are 2 directories for the custom C routines:
  • In custom, the function ShiftRoom() directly precedes DataStream0().
  • In custom crash, the function ShiftRoom() directly follows DataStream0().

The functions themselves have not changed, only the order in the source file. When Frantic is built with custom, holding down RESET (which will rapidly cycle thru random room layouts) works just fine. When built with custom crash, Frantic will crash when holding down RESET.


Comparing the MAP files shows 4 functions in different positions, not just the 2 I would have expected.



Comparing the LST files shows 228 differences, but they're meaningless to me so I'm at a loss. Do any of you ARM experts see what's going on?




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Minor progress made. Did some rearranging of the functions and was able to change the crash so it occurs with a specific trigger. Batari is investigating the source of the crash.


Made a clone of that source (so we have a known "crash point"), then did some additional rearranging of the functions until the crashing stopped! I've resumed work on the missile kernel revision - specifically I'm rewriting the player repositioning kernel code to also update the missiles.

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