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Not tested yet but I have a question.

Is the playfield collision made by software?

Is there a possibility to avoid robot collisions with wall using an AI code?

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All collisions are detected by software.


That's the plan - in the Berzerk variation the robots can run into the wall while in the Frenzy variation they won't.


I also discovered you can load this ROM into the current version of Stella, you just won't get any digitized audio. Instructions in my Homebrew topic

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Yeah, I discovered that after I posted everything. The problem is the eye doesn't exist in the source image and collisions are calculated using the source image.


The way the eye currently works is it gets added on the fly when the image is put into one of the sprite data streams. The eye is only added if row 2 is empty, as when the robot is moving sideways or upward the eye is not visible.


I'm going to redo it so the eye row is filled in(I think it'll be the exact same image as when the robot is moving upward) and instead of testing for row 2 to be empty I'll test for specific image IDs.

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I think I'm going to build a "color edit" version that lets people experiment with different color combinations for the robots.

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