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With further play testing last night I even saw a few shots with no gap between them! Definitely need to implement a "gun cool down" period for the robots.

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Just checked, there's 130 bytes of the 4K of Display Data RAM left. Of course, the biggest chunk of that RAM goes to the 2K audio sample buffer.


It looks fast, but Frantic's been under development since the end of April, so about 4 months now. Stay Frosty was knocked out in a little over 2 months. Medieval Mayhem took 9-10 months, so that might be more similar as for both I was developing for new (to me) platforms - MM was my 1st Atari game and Frantic is my first Melody game.


A lot of time was spent developing the support functions (sprite flicker logic, software sprite collision detection, etc) that had to be in place before the game play could be coded.

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