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Mission: Beat all European Released Capcom Games #01



Hi there!


I started this mission in early in 2011 and now have a first milestone covered: I'm done with the first 10 games! :)


What follows is the list of games I'm already done with, adding a few comments to each. What is true for all of them, is that I beat each on the default difficulty and without cheating. I did use stuff like built-in auto fire and continues though. For the games played through the "Capcom Classics Collection" I additionally unlocked all available extras.


Ghosts'n Goblins (Wii VCA)

Thank heavens the Arcade version is not as hard as the NES one. Still, playing through both loops took over 10 hours, most of which where spent in the 6th level. I thought I'd like it more, but certainly all follow-up G'n'G games are better.


Commando (Wii VCA)

I think that game was the fastest to beat, IIRC it took less than an hour. Hasn't aged too well either and the music of the C64 version beats the Arcade tunes.


1942 (Wii VCA)

1942 was very hard to beat even with unlimited continues, because of the bullet-hell boss planes. Again I think each sequel of this was a better game.


Exed Exes (Wii VCA)

That's probably the worst of Capcoms starter games. I played through it with a friend in co-op and at least it was over in 1 1/2 hours :lolblue:


Sonson (Wii VCA) :thumbsup:

Now that's the first one that was really hard to beat: Since the the Wii version doesn't offer continues, I had to complete the hole game on one credit. Still it was the most fun I had in my mission thus far, so this is the first game I can recommend still today!


Vulgus (PS2 CCC)

Another one credit completion. I even bought a PS2 Arcade Stick for it, although I'm not sure if it really helped :twisted: Other than that it's been yet another lame vertical shoot'em up. (Even when they made half the line-up of the first 10, I didn't like any of them)


Pirate Ship Higemaru (PS2 CCC) :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Coming in for a surprise, this was by far the most fun Capcom game I beat so far, even when it forced me through yet another one credit completion. It really has superbly crafted gameplay mechanics and it's very rewarding since you really get better with every new try!


Trojan (NES) :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I beat the Arcade version first, but didn't really like it. Some reviews on GameFAQs then convinced me to try the NES version as well and really, it was worth it! It's much more balanced and fun than the Arcade version and a lot better than e.g. G'n'G for the NES, so it easily claims the #2 spot in this list!


Gun.Smoke (PS2 CCC)

Probably the best from the vertical shooters, but also the hardest and most unfair one. How I hate that boss called "Wolf Chief", I was stuck there for 6 days!! About the best thing in the game is the music for level 2 I think ;)


Section-Z (PS2 CCC)

Another very easy one, it took only 2-3 hours to play through it. Most of it is quite forgettable, except maybe that one section that did look like a flipper table ;)


So that's what happened so far. We'll see if the next 10 games will take me another 8 months to play through and if Capcom will eventually deliver a vertical shoot'em up that's fun to play :lol:


I won't tell you which games I'm playing next, but one thing I'll reveal is that I'm getting a PSP and Mega Man Powered Up from my wife this Christmas :D




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seeming as though you also cover C64 and miggy, you could also mention capcoms games they did with USG (USGold) under the JV known as the 'GO' label (if you remember that far back)

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