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Changes to visualbB to support bB 1.1d



It looks like a number of folks have updated to bB 1.1d (grab this updated .exe as well). The previous WIP builds won't work as well so here is another WIP that you can play with. I recommend upgrading to 1.1d if you want to use this because I am not sure if some of the tools are compatible with the earlier bB 1.1 builds, primarly the DPC+ kernel which changes a bit with each release.


What's New?

  • When printing code, page numbers are added to the bottom of each page - somebody requested this at some point.
  • There is a new option in the settings tab to force phosphorous mode when running in emulation. Useful if you're using a lot of flicker such as the title screen.
  • Added support for all new compiler keywords introduced through the 1.1d version of the bB compiler.
  • I made some changes to the Title Kernel wizard so that it could support the DPC+ Kernel. The default code was correct, but 1.1d doesn't parse it correctly in the released version.
  • I swapped the tabbed colors so now the active tab is white and bold while inactive are blue
  • There is a new DPC+ code template. When adding a new item this will provide a good start so you don't have to start from scratch
  • Made the sprite preview window to be 25% to look more like it would in emulation.

What's Fixed?

  • Printing works again, not sure when I broke it?
  • After you set a row of colors in a sprite or, it will automatically increment to the next line. At some point I removed that code by mistake.
  • Playfield/Sprite preview fixed with support for latest bB 1.1d compiler. Not really a bug, just had to write code that was more compliant with 1.1d. I am not sure if it works with the earlier 1.1 builds though.

Probably a few other things that I've forgotten or didn't document.



VisualbB_1.0_Build_565.zip (fixed bug with setting colors)




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