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BETAs are the Future of the Jaguar!



Yep, we're in BETA phase again.... Could there possibly be a major Jaguar party next month?



The last few weeks have been a bit busy getting things ready for eJagfest and RGC. Right now, we're planning to have something available for both events, hopefully you will enjoy them. Both things are on track to be ready in time, unforseen events non-withstanding.


Rebooteroids is still on the back burner, I would estimate its probably about 75% complete right now, but we are waiting on a supply of flash carts so we can actually produce it. Until they appear it will take a back seat to other projects. If anyone would like to play the latest build of it (or any of our other stuff) I'm certain they'll be at eJagfest. Please pop by and say 'hi' to sh3!


Plenty of irons in the fire! November is going to be a great Jaguar month. It's great to see the console finally getting some attention from other developers!

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Just to let people know that sh3 will be the one hoarding the chocolate bars!

Already looking forward to E-jagfest & after the surprise that was downfall in April, I can't wait to see what y'all been up to since!

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