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Kobayashi Maru!



Well, the name of the game has leaked out..... but that is ok!


The final build has just been uploaded to our internal testing share and the play testers are all over it. If you would like to be one of the first people to play our new Jaguar game then I suggest you head over to eJagFest this coming weekend and say a big "Hi!" to sh3 at the Reboot table.


It will, of course, be available to download shortly after the event from our website, however what it actually is is in no way as important as what it was made with :)


Have fun everyone!


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It's more of a UK corner if it's like last year :) Linko with his stuff, gaz with his Freeze cojag arcade a nd games/boxes and now groovybee with his 7800/xm stuff and I'm sure OMF will have some stuff to look at and I'll be there with ours, wow it's going to be a busy little show :D

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