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Run, it's a RAPTOR!



Well, another project successfully completed, and a new game engine/api announced. Busy week! Many thanks to u-235 for committing to the RAPTOR project and handling the audio side of things! Collaboration ROCKS, far more gets achieved when people work together instead of dance together :)


Head over the the Reboot website for more details, and thanks for reading.


Push those buttons!

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Just for the record, having read it I can say it's easy to get into if you know asm. I don't and I could realise more or less what's going on. It should minimize development time a lot, for those that care about that anyway!

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Congrats on Kobayashi Maru! Fantastic work. Really fun game. I'm hooked. Between this and Downfall my Jag has new life. Thank you!

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Hey, glad you like it :)


We've got more coming soon - a v1.1 of KM, and RAPTOR development is picking up with extra devs working on it. We're utterly overjoyed to see other people asking about it, and more importantly, using it to make things!


The Jaguar is truly a wonderful piece of hardware to play with and is completely suited to 2D action games. Once we fully open-source RAPTOR the pain of leveraging the custom RISC chips will be removed and hopefully we'll see lots of people making games for it.


I guarantee you that the first non-Reboot RAPTOR title to be released will have us all grinning from ear to ear and I personally, can't wait to see what people will make.


Busy and happy times ahead! Long live the Jaguar! Push the button!

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