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Phew, busy few weeks again.


Since RAPTOR was released internally to Jagware things have moved along at a swift pace. LinkoVitch of u235 has released his DSP Sound Engine, which has been swiftly incorporated into the project, and Matmook of CVSD has written a complete animation engine that takes text-based script files and produces code that interfaces with RAPTOR to handle all kinds of sprite magic, including conditional branching!


This weekend has seen the first implementation of RAPTOR_Particles - a primitive particle effects subsystem for adding pixel based effects easily to games. Want a spaceship to have debris flying off it when it thrusts? Want bits of junk to fly off things when they explode? Well, now its only another text based script away! The particle system is currently running in prototype 68000 code, but it won't take us long to get it shoehorned into the GPU - we have set aside a chunk of RAM there for it to sit in.


While we're not quite ready to release RAPTOR to the public, please bear with us while we continue to push the flexibility and ease of use higher and simultaneously further lower the 'entry level requirements' for people to use and make things.


Just as an example, some of the Jagware graphics people have written applications using the beta of RAPTOR - Everyone is having a go at making Jaguar apps! Who said 'this shit is hard!' ??



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