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What's been going on?



Well, It feels like ages since I wrote anything here... so what have we been up to?

  • Well, we've released HMS Raptor - and I've been cleaning the source code up to get ready to ship with the RAPTOR library.

  • We've re-worked Kobayashi Maru to v1.1 (FINAL! - even the titlescreen says so!) ready to be sent off to the pressing factory, and then turned into available to buy boxes.

  • We've converted Rebooteroids from a ROM cased cart format to a CD-ROM application. This means we'll be able to ship it on CD instead of carts when it's ready. It also means we get CD-Audio music! Yay!

  • We started work (and have progressed nicely) on another large-scale project which I'll be showing to a few people on Monday at the South Australian game developers gathering (A good excuse to go to a pub!)

  • We're adding the final touches to another RAPTOR example game which I think you'll all enjoy (and I have to extend a huge thank you to Mr PacMan Plus for his assistance)

  • We've sketched out the groundwork for ULS2.0, which will allow more flexibility for making homebrew CD's, such as a menu system for multiple binaries, changing the splash logo, etc.

So, as you can see, all is happy and busy in Jaguar land. We hope to have another thing for you to play really soon. 2012 is looking to be great :)

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Maybe I missed something, but you guys are going to be releasing some more games on disc? If so, then that's awesome! I mean, it's awesome you are making games anyway, but it's even more awesome now (didn't want that to be misconstrued!). :D

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We're preparing to release Kobayashi Maru on CD - this will be a pressed CD, so no CDRs!


Rebooteroids will also now most likely be a CD-ROM based game, but the way it is being reconfigured, it could just as easily be a cart game as well (without the music, obviously) - It's been 'on hold' for several months due to not having a viable cart available to use, so we only recently made this decision. It needs some work to re-jig everything, but at least it is now progressing.


HMS RaptoR and the other new Raptor demo I'm working on at the moment will be binary download only, and freely available. The *full* source code and assets will be made available when we go public with the Raptor library in the future. They are, after all, examples :)


The new 'larger-scale' project will be CD only. A demo will be made available to download, but not the complete game (at least, not initially - in the future, if/when we hit 'break even point' on the production costs we may put a CD image up for free download) We've 'sneak previewed' it to a few people, with a very positive response, so we're really looking forward to working on this one.

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