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Reality show joy



One thing I like about certain reality shows (I only like a few, most suck) is when a crappy person finally gets kicked out. I was really happy to see Markus get fired on the Apprentice a while ago. Even after being fired, that clueless doofus still doesn't get it.


Today on Survivor, the fat guy with a beard (Judd or Jethro or Jim-Bob or something like that) got voted out. He said before the vote that the one who gets voted out should get over it because it isn't personal. Then after he was kicked out, he said, "I hope you guys all get bit by a freakin' crocodile" and then called them all scumbags, twice. At the end of the show, that fat crybaby had the nerve to say that one thing he didn't do was lie to anybody. He clearly lied at least once in the show and he even admitted it during one tribal council. He's the typical sore loser. Everyone else should understand, get over it, and leave quietly, but he can't take his own advice. I love it when scumbags like that get what they deserve.



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