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Rebooteroids Returns



OK, so real life is still keeping us all busy, but we have managed to almost finish the Raptor example game we mentioned (It just needs some sound effects and a few spot graphics) so that should be around soon.


I took some time this week to look back at the Rebooteroids code, and I'm not at all happy with it. Raptor's object handling was derived from the core code from this game, however this early 'version' of the engine (before it was even an engine) is, compared to the current Raptor builds, a horrible can of unreadable worms. On top of which I can't remember what some of the core routines actually do anymore! (Oh woe is me, why no comments? - hehe!)


And it's not much 'fun' to work on. Which leads me to what I want to write about.


I don't want to scrap this game, as I've invested quite a bit of time in it over the last two or so years. And to be honest, I like the game. It plays well, it moved well, it looks neat and it uses the rotary. However, I can't see us finishing it to the original design specifications unless I start again from scratch, rebuilding the entire thing using Raptor. With our other games we didn't show anything until they were ready, and in many ways the fact that we have previewed this is now working against us, due to people having expectations. If people feel we are letting them down then I apologize for that here.


So, where does that leave us?


The front end menu system is 100% completed. The game mechanics are around 95% completed. The graphics are around 80% completed.


However, after talking it over with sh3, we have come to the conclusion that unless we take radical action this game will never see the light of day. So what we have decided is to trim back our design plan. We'll be removing the front end and using it in another game in the future. We'll strip back the multiple worlds and just use the vector graphic set (which looks the coolest by far!) and turn the game into a pure arcade blast experience.


We'll still have power-ups, and power-downs, and multiple gun types. And it will still retain it's fun. But this way we get to bring this to a closure and finally move on.


Anyway, that's what is going on at the moment.

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Added a replacement titlescreen (not as good as the one from the preview, but functional).


Fixed up the UFOs so then now fly and shoot properly.


Added skill level ramping as you progress.


And then lost most of the afternoon 'playtesting' it. This is FUN!

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