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Batman versus The Rolling Stones

Random Terrain


Sometime in the first week of May (2012), I got to go to Putt-Putt and play some games. They had two pinball games (Batman and the Rolling Stones). I played each one once.




Batman seemed designed to make the ball go down between the flippers more than any pinball game I have ever played. The Rolling Stones was more fun and I won an extra game, so I technically played that one twice.


After playing real pinball again, it became obvious that recreations by companies like FarSight Studios, makers of Pinball Arcade, don't even come close to the real thing. Although they scan everything in, it all still looks too fake. How can you scan something in and still have it look cartoony and unreal? It should look like somebody set up a video camera on a tripod and recorded the real thing.


I hope these companies keep working on it and eventually give us recreations that are so good you'd swear you were looking at a video recording of real pinball games.





Random Terrain



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There's something about pinball physics which makes it very, very difficult to get right. It's also visually difficult to provide a view equivalent to what you see at an actual machine.

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I haven't played Batman (either the newest one or the old one, actually), but I play the hell out of the new Rolling Stones pictured in your post. Great game that's relatively simplistic compared to other games, but the stackable modes and the easy ways to rack up points make it a blast (for me anyway).

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