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SID Emulation Revisited, Atari SID III




I was delighted by the positive responses I got on my previous blog entry and on the forum about my SID emulator on the Atari 8-bit. I also was a bit disappointed that it turned out there already was an emulator eight years ago that I did not know about, that sounded pretty much the same as mine (some tunes were better, some were worse IMHO). But, this challenged me to improve my emulation :) A few days ago, I "broke" the 15kHz boundary, and after some bug fixes, I am pleased to present you "Atari SID III". Included are .xex binaries for International Karate, Freeze, JT42, Cybernoid and Cybernoid II, as are all the sources. Sorry Heaven/TQA, all shasm65 again ;) No more badly tuned radio!


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Superb work here. It's great to hear these tunes coming from an Atari (well, an emulator in my case).


I did run the first instance of atarisid on a real atari, but never the second and third (this) version. Today is the first day I heard them coming from a real Atari myself :) I actually think they sound better than through emulation.

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