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Why can't you DIY when it comes to creating a sequel nobody's giving you?

Vic George 2K3


This is one thing that still sticks in my mind from the discussion that took place within a few years ago when an X-COM game was mentioned to be released that would become just another FPS game that departed from what previous X-COM games did. People still expect others to create the sequels that they want to see for their favorite games (or movies or books or TV shows or what have you), but when it comes to possibly creating the sequels they want to see themselves, they balk at the idea because all the surprises would end up being ruined. I can understand if you don't have the ability to create the story, as games do require knowledge of how to program a computer and all, to use one example of creative limitations. But if you do have the power to create and you just choose not to create the sequel you want to see others make, it just comes off as laziness. It's telling other people that you don't really care about giving people your vision of a game sequel in a format that they can actually see, hear, and play. It's also giving you more of an excuse to just B&C at game companies not giving you what you want when game companies for various reasons can't please everyone all the time. The way I see it, you're not willing to put the effort into creating the game sequel you want to see and perhaps others would want to see, you don't have much of a reason to complain about others not giving you what you want.


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