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Bought Dreamweaver CS6

Random Terrain


Thought I'd have to wait a month or two and pay cash, but thanks to a Best Buy card, I got Dreamweaver CS6 a couple of days ago. It's basically like using Namo WebEditor 2006 with a few improvements and some un-improvements. For example, you can copy and paste chunks of code with Dreamweaver instead of one line of code with Namo WebEditor, but Dreamweaver does not have a format copy and paste, so you can't copy and paste CSS styles and other things.


Dreamweaver loads pages much faster than Namo WebEditor 2006. There is no annoying waiting for various things that can eat up a lot of time. Everything happens instantly. I hated to pay over 400 dollars for a program that doesn't seem to be much better than Namo WebEditor, but it's worth it just so I won't have to deal with all of the annoying problems that slow me down when using Namo WebEditor 2006.


I added a bunch of YouTube iframes to my pages, using Namo WebEditor 2006, and if I don't turn on offline mode, it can take over a minute for Namo WebEditor to load a page. And if I scroll, every time I pass offsite content, it can take another minute for each instance. So I have to make sure I'm in offline mode if I don't want to sit around waiting forever. Problem is, Namo decided to make you click 2 or more times to get to the offline check box that is hidden in a menu. Once in offline mode, you'd think your problems would be over, but nooooooo. Namo thought it would be fun to have a pop-up notification every time you scroll by any offsite content.


With all of the clicking Namo makes you do with offsite content on your pages, you can't get much work done. So far, Dreamweaver has been mostly a joy to work with. Dreamweaver is missing a few useful features, but I hope they'll eventually add them in a future update.




Random Terrain



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