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Progress report!



Things are still moving forward. This week we've seen some major work done on Rebooteroids for the first time it what feels like ages. Off and on over the last few months I've dabbled with the code, but recently sh3 has been able to spend some time working the graphics and we have had several discussions regarding game play and mechanics which has resulted in a much improved new build. If you are all very, very good you may even get some screenies soon ;)


I know we also said we were taking the menu that we have previously shown out, but it looks like we might even put that back in again. Jury is still out on this one, so don't sue me if it doesn't end up here!


All the 'pots and pans falling down a staircase' sound effects have been replaced with proppa sounds now, the bullet shot rate has been increased, the controls have been tweaked, the powerups have all been implemented, and its playing a lot tighter!


More news as and when we can be bothered to update this!

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