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New toy





I've wanted a Vectrex ever since they came out - 30 years later I finally got one. I won it yesterday on eBay and was surprised when it arrived today via UPS! Turns out the seller is located in Beaumont, a mere 84 miles to the east of Houston.


The unit came with Fortress of Narzod and it's overlay, but not the overlay for the built in game Mine Storm. It also has 2 controllers though one of them auto-centers horizontally, but not vertically, and rattles a bit when moved (this was noted in the ebay listing). Looks like somebody tried to open it up to fix it as there's a lot of gouged plastic where the top and bottom halves of the controller join together.


I've taken Fortress of Narzod and Mine Storm for a brief spin to test the unit. Both games are quite challenging.


My unit is one of the earlier units that has the buzz, so I'll have to look into fixing that - I found some instructions on how to do that at the bottom of this page of this site.


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I think you'll love your Vectrex. I don't find nearly enough time to play mine (or any of my other games for that matter), but my Vectrex is one of the gems in my collection. :)

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Vectrex is quite special.

You will buy a VecMulti from Richard Hutchinson to fill with ROM goodness and to use in game program development.

Visit www.vectrex.biz and email Richard H. to buy your VecMulti with all that Space Rocks money you'll be raking in :D !!!

Had mine since the "videogame crash" price reduction. Got a Canadian one as a backup, the boot screen does not have "entertaining new ideas" on those. Got a third one when buying a "controller new in box" ( long story), and a 4th bought a broken one to attemp a repair. Brought it back to life from just a white dot, but it still isn't 100% (the Taiwan ones seem to fail more).. And just got a fifth broken one (Hong Kong) with jumbled screen as a current project.

If you have any questions, just ask!

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