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From: Lynx soundtrack rips

Michael David Morsette


It doesn't sound like anyone has ripped the ending song from RoadBlasters or the alternate title music from Toki. There are eggs to access both of them.


In Toki, you can see and hear the alternate title egg if you hold option and up for the entire boot title sequence through the credits dropping on the screen. Also if you hold option and up during the continue screen you will get the developers (Bob Nagel, Robb Mariani, Matt Scott, and yours truly) button mashing inflatable heads egg, but there is no music for that.


In RoadBlasters, there is a cheat that can allow you to get to the end very quickly. If you play the first level and crash into the first tree on the right with the A button pressed you will get the Ghost in the Machine egg with my picture (from 23 years ago, ugh). While on that screen you can press option to change the number in the upper right corner which will be the next level you play after pressing A or B to return to the game and complete level one. So set that to 49, press A, complete level one, and play 49 and 50 to hear the end music. There was no end music in the Coin Op as I recall, so we had Matt whip that tune up, I really like it. To see Matt's ancient picture instead, do the same thing but hit the first tree on the left in level one while pressing A.


The music for both those and many other Lynx games was done by Matt Scott of Byte Size Sound. We've been friends since we were about 19 years old and he's made sound and music for video games on just about every console, handheld, and mobile platform ever made. If you are a game developer in need of audio, he is your guy! http://www.bytesizesound.com/ (sorry about the shameless plug, I just got his Christmas card and am feeling all Lynxy and nostalgic :) )


Anyway, I hope those of you who haven't heard of these eggs enjoy them!



Source: Lynx soundtrack rips


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