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Cruiz'in VGMM January 2013



blog-0861225001357624163.jpgHAPPY 2013!!

This year Bubsy (in May) will be one year away from the legal drinking age.


You know I am amazed on what will be the 20th anniversary of Bubsy that there is still material to talk about, but amazingly there is. Developers have come forward, artists, and fans. To matter the fact I am always getting beaten out of bids on ebay for Bubsy memorabilia. I mean I have some fairly deep pockets, but some out there are just crazier than I am.


Most of the time I hear from people who just had good experiences with the Bubster.


On the Video Game memorabilia Museum site I got a message from JennyN:


"Hey there, I registered for an account just to message you. icon_smile.gif When I was about 7 years old my dad worked as a programmer on one of the Bubsy games (looks like he worked on Super Bubsy for Windows 95), so he brought home a lot of random merch in his time at that company. This included the plush you mentioned in the thread I came across! I remember I loved to visit him at work, because they had a whole drawer full of them."


A drawer of Bubsy plushies... can you imagine that? :) I love this letter because JennyN mentions some behind the scenes of working at Accolade during that time, and some of the promotional stuff she mentions is just too cool.




"Between my brother and myself, we had a few.

It's cool to see someone who likes/remembers Bubsy after so long. I loved him as a kid, but lots of people have never even heard of the games."


Well JennyN, I'm happy to say that as I write this there have been 60,649 views of this Bubsy Fan Blog, and to be honest between how imfamous Bubsy has become (the worst game mascot people remember) I think the fan base is only growing. :P


"My brother and I played Bubsy and Bubsy 2 for SNES. We got the Playstation game when it came out years later, but didn't like it much."


Can agree on that one. Still say we need to get you the Jaguar version sometime. That is the game that hooked me on the Bubster.


JennyN goes on to mention something I basically knew but she helped confirm:


"There was also a Bubsy mascot suit in existence at the time; one time he came home wearing it to babysit us, and we were still at a young enough age to believe it was really Bubsy. icon_smile.gif"


Sounds like JennyN's Dad was pretty cool. When I wrote this fan blog I wasn't sure the developer wanted his name revealed in association with having this cool Bubsy stuff, so thought I would let him be Anon for now. If nothing else I can slip this developer in later, hopefully with more development stories if he cares to share that. If not, how amazing has all this been already right?


JennyN talks more about the Bubsy Plushie:


"I can get more angles of him tomorrow. Or rather, pics of his companion (who I got second, and who looks a little more like what they looked like new). "


Whoa! Hold the phone! There was a ARNOLD the Armadillo Plushie? Now THAT would be cool to see.


"Also, I suddenly realized that this promotional stand-up has been sitting on a shelf in our bonus room for years:"




"That's not the lighting; it's extremely faded from years of sun exposure! I also unfolded it to snap a pic of the text written on the reverse/inside. Hopefully it's a large enough pic that it's legible."




That is really cool.


What is funny is the sysadmin of Video Game Memorabilia Museum, Nightram, who finds my fascination with Bubsy comical, pointed me to a ebay auction. Normally I scan the Bubsy auctions like once a week if nothing else for picture material for the Bubsy blog, but he beat me to this one. And the pictures from that auction on this Standee are good too:





On the last picture, for those of you that can't afford $40+ for a cardboard standee I adjusted the image in photoshop a bit to get this...




With this, and the shot of what JennyN gave of the back of the Standee, you can go to Kinkos and get your own standee printed off. I know I will. ;)


Just amazing stuff. I have other Bubsy information I have no time to post this time, but my thanks to JennyN who helped me in putting together this great start to 2013. We've been working on this for a few weeks. And who knows what other developers might want to come forward to tell a story or two of their time working on Bubsy.


And lastly remember, May 4, 2013 let's raise a glass to Bubsy (so he can know how's it done when he can drink next year.) :P



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If JennyN's dad was able to do a good impression of Bubsy's voice while wearing the costume, that could have only added to the impression they had of him really being Bubsy. I could just imagine how fun that would be for a young kid - babysat by a playful, fun-loving feline like Bubsy.

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Isn't he? :D Yeh I would like to find one someday. :D BTW BubsyBobcat13, are you the artist who was doing the re-imagined Bubsy?

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