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Flashing Screen on Plants vs. Zombies

Random Terrain


I finally got around to playing Plants vs. Zombies on the Xbox 360. It was on the disc with Peggle and Zuma that I got many months ago (probably around February of 2012). I thought it was pretty fun until I got to the part where they decided to rape my eyeballs by flashing the screen. TV Tropes mentions it:



Interface Screw:


The final backyard night level takes place during a storm. The only time you can see is when lightning flashes.


It's been about an hour since trying to play that level and my eyes are still hurting. I hope whoever was responsible for that level was one of the people who got laid off. If not, I hope he goes on a hike, falls off a cliff, breaks his arms and legs, then birds pluck out his eyeballs while he lies there screaming. After he thinks the worst is over, I hope a dirty homeless guy with no morals finds him and has sex with his eye sockets, then squats over him and gushes what seems like gallons of diarrhea all over his face until he drowns.


I just went Googling and if George Fan is the eye-raping bastard who was responsible for the lightning level, it looks like I got my wish:


George Fan laid off from PopCap Games





Random Terrain



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