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16 GB



The 16 GB arrived yesterday and has been installed.



I haven't stress tested it yet, but it does seem a bit snappier.


I was surprised that the video RAM allocation only changed from 512 to 768 MB when I went from 4 to 16 GB. The mini uses Intel's Integrated Graphics, which is allocated a chuck of RAM from the system RAM.


The Aggregate Device glitch, mentioned in these comments, is still occurring. I haven't figured out a reliable way to make it occur, nor a reliable way to fix it when it does - so I just "fix it" "fix it" "fix it" until the Clock Source stays on HDMI instead of Built-in Output. I ordered a new cable, to go directly from the mini to the receiver, to see if eliminating HDMI from the equation will take care of the problem. Shipment tracking shows that it's on the UPS truck for delivery later today.


I finally figured out how to change directly to a sub-channel without using channel up/down or the guide. If I typed "8" or "13" the channel would change to 8-1 or 13-1. I tried typing 8-2 and 13-2, but that didn't work as expected (as + and - are the up/down channel changers). Typing a period, 8.2 or 13.2, was the trick to make it work.





Recommended Comments

HDMI (or more to the point - HDCP) is a real pain. My guess is the Mini may be losing connection during handshake, and reverting to the other connection since that's all it sees at that moment. Double-check for EFI updates. Apple has pushed a few of them out to deal with Mac Mini HDMI weirdness.

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The new cable works, though it turned out to be a waste of money - when I extracted the existing optical cable out from the nest 'o cables I discovered there were mini plug adaptors attached to the cable :lol:

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Digital audio is interesting. If I have iTunes playing a song:

  1. if I start up a game in MAME, I can hear the song and the game sound effects.
  2. if I open a TV window, all other sounds get muted.
  3. if I close the TV window, all other sounds come back.

I think what's going on is the TV sound is encoded, so to mix in the other system sounds the mini would have to decode the TV sound, mix in the other system sounds, re-encode the results, then send it to the surround sound receiver. And it would have to do that instantly as otherwise you'd notice the sound was out of sync with the picture.


Since it can't do that instantly, it doesn't even bother to try.

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I don't think it's a resource issue. The Mac has plenty of power to run both. Rather, I think iTunes is just designed to play along with anything else, until told by another app to stop. There's probably an API call specifically for it so developers can shut it off if they want to monopolize your attention. ;)

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Could be, I'll have to run some more experiments to see.


The return box arrived this morning so I boxed up the old DirecTV tuner and dropped it off at the Post Office during lunch.

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