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Games of Atari - Commodore VIC-20 Captures Complete!



With screenshots and a new review for Q*Bert, the last game in my VIC-20 collection is now a part of the Games of Atari website. There are still plenty of Atari-related games I don't yet own, for the VIC-20 and for other 8-bit computers, so if you'd like to help me build the site, sell me stuff! Trading is good too.


Meanwhile I'm continuing to build the Atari 2600 entries. Progress has slowed down a bit, partly because my modded 2600 gave up the ghost and is now off for repairs. I'm using a modded 7800 to make a few captures, but I've discovered the audio is just different enough between the two consoles to be annoying. I'm also going to play catch-up on a few Apple II and Commodore 64 games that I skipped the first time around. After that, I'd like to get started on the Intellivision collection, but first I need to find out if Intellivisions can be modded to give something better than a TV signal.


As always, you can see all the goods at http://www.skunkworx.org/goa/. Thanks for visiting!


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