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January Savings



I decided to work up a spreadsheet on how this DVR project is going financially. First thing I did was tally up the cost to implement:

 973 - Mac mini
114 - Tuners
26 - Antenna
65 - Keyboard
122 - Memory
85 - HDMI to Component Video Converter Box
13 - Optic cable

1398 - Total


My monthly DirecTV bill was 146. For January I purchased two series via iTunes for 63, for a savings of 83 for the month. If I save that on average every month, then my DVR project will pay for itself within a year and a half.


The shows I purchased were Archer, Season 4 and TRON: Uprising, Vol. 2


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I bet you'll probably find yourself not spending any money in iTunes during part of the year, so you'll probably pay it off even sooner.


I've already got a Mac mini TV setup in the bedroom, but your project is making me think about getting one for the living room as well. Just being able to watch some Hulu shows on the TV without having to pay for Hulu Plus would be a big advantage.

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True, and the availability of a number of series (such as those from HBO and Showtime) aren't available via blu-ray or streaming for almost a year. As such those channels won't be seeing money from me for quite some time.

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