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new channel Movies! coming soon



Fox is going to start multicasting this spring with a new channel called Movies!.


Movies! will be available on Fox subchannels in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, Orlando, Austin, Memphis and Ocala.


I was wondering about the proliferation of subchannels and ran across To Multicast or not to Multicast... is that the (TV News) Question? (Or guess which DMA offers 100 TV Channels OTA?). They go over how improved MPEG2 encoders have freed up more space for the additional subchannels.




Edit: Live Well channel broadcast in both HD and SD.



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Not in Buffalo though... Of course, via cable I already get more HD movies than I can watch already.


And I wonder how much the lower bandwidth is due to (re)encoder improvements, and how much is due to decreased picture quality.

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I've seen no info on whether or not Movies! will be in HD, only that it'll be 16x9.


Because Fox broadcasts HD at 720p, they can support another 720p channel. ABC does the same, the main ABC channel and Live Well are both broadcast at 720p.


For some odd reason ABC also broadcasts Live Well on a SD sub channel, but instead of 16x9 they've letter boxed it on a 4:3 channel. Whenever I compare them both Livewell feeds had the exact same show (photo added to blog entry is what's on now). Seems to be a waste of bandwidth to duplicate the channel when any tuner used on an SD display can already downscale 720p to letter boxed 480.

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