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Insomnia Ensues II! Late weekend coding frenzy!





Haven't been focused all weekend. Couldn't get into the coding groove. I'm hoping blogging my decent into maddness will get me in the mood.

Working on the rewrite of MMSBC II http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/207626-mmsbc-2-wip/


Plan is an update every hour until I can't take it anymore. I'm truly scrizooed if it isn't nearly finished by the end of the night. Wish me luck!


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Spent some time slacking some more. Finally sat down and queued up my programming mantra:


Let's Go Sunning

It Keeps You Running

Big Iron

Way Back Home


For some reason playing the same four songs in a loop keeps my attention focused.


Only changes this hour were tweaking the colors some more and adding the first sprite for a new enemy class: Two fighters!

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Integrated the Two Fighter enemy type. Attempted to put in individual movement code using ON GOTO statements but that is bugging out. I remember I had to revert to IF .. THEN before due to issues with ON GOTO.. ugh.


Diet Mountain Dew is the drug of choice this evening. Maybe switch to instant coffee and water infused with citric acid later.

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ON GOTO sucks. Switching back to standard IF THEN GOTO worked. No more experimenting with THAT.


All three enemy types have AI. Movement code is actually different for objects that use player0 or player1.

* 4Bunnies just march forward

* Comets descend depending on the position of player ships.

* Two Fighters streak up or down. Purposefully back up towards player ships.


Enemies now shake and are repulsed by player shots.


Refilled my Mt. Dew and ate of gluten free almond and fruit bars made by yours truly.

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Got the enemies to take down ships. When the ships HP gets too low it is grounded. Still need to enable refueling. Increased the base damage enemies do. Two Fighter AI is more complicated and sneaky. Stalks the players better.


I've been warned staying up past 4am is a bad idea. Will take into consideration :P

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Monday is here. The end? Not so near..


Created the boss sprite and lasers. Working on integrating boss spawns now. Used up a variable for a "supercounter" that counts up once when the normal counter reaches 255. After a certain period a boss encounter will happen. When you defeat the boss things get faster.

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Boss is moving around and shooting lasers. Playing around with when it spawns. Refueling is implemented. Still have to get damage to the city registered.


Pretty much we're eating into quality sleep time now.

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Tweaked when the boss spawns. Should be long enough to space out difficulty. Trying to implement damaging the city. Experimenting with damage rates.


Hungry.. didn't really eat dinner. Ack! Can of salmon maybe?

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When a player ship becomes grounded due to zero shields the morale gauge of the city goes down. It's game over when the moral gauge goes to zero. Have a game over screen. Tweaking the graphics there. Fixed an invincibility bug where player ship 1 became immortal whilst player ship 2 refuels.


Starting to make stupid mistakes. Surrender time may be nearing..

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Okay. Done editing the main page. Feels good to be AHEAD of where I was last weekend. Going over cycle was a terrible setback as everything needed to be rewritten.


Despite being up past 4am I still need to pull another stretch tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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I can't listen to music while programming. I need silence.


I don't actually listen. It's just enough distraction - yet orderly enough to keep me in the zone. Four songs. Endlessly repeating. You wouldn't know if it's been 15 minutes or 7 hours. :P

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