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Club for testing Clubs! Club club club.
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  2. It couuuuuld be me? ? Thanks for letting me know that you got the alert! Let me know if this @ alerted you in the special way it does. @Serguei2 - James
  3. I forced myself to pick yes or no, and I voted no. I don't really feel strongly about it though. Reason Against: The forum already has tons of categories. Feels like segmenting things into clubs will make it easier to miss some interesting updates and discussions. Reason For: Some conversations are highly technical and don't apply to most of the forum members. Some clubs may prefer their discussions to be kept secret.
  4. Atariage introduced clubs. So do you like it? Or not.
  5. It's a public club and can't have members. ? I'll rename it 'The Club of Clubs' though. Maybe people can use it for testing etc..
  6. they made a new zero page home brew club, so I guess everyone looking for it should go there... this club could/should be renamed the club of clubs The place where folks can discuss the ins and outs of using the forums club functions, helping each other out with set up and getting it all ironed out. discuss quirks and work a rounds. Use it to test stuff out etc....
  7. You could invite a few folks into the club, then you wouldn't have to delete it!
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