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Born during the height of the PlayStation Portable, PSPMinis.com was the primary source of information about Sony's range of download-only PSP Minis and PlayStation Mobile games. As it enters its twilight, that site has successfully lived up to its goal to "become the largest and most popular site dedicated to providing news and reviews of PSP Minis and PlayStation Mobile games." This AtariAge club is dedicated to the memory of that site, preserving its coverage of these two Sony publishing programs, and providing a new home for its small forum community.
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  2. Never did like this song, but this cover has won me over.
  3. Ended up picking Simon & Simon instead. Seems like a winner so far.
  4. On my last episode of McMillan & Wife. I think I'll try season 1 of Lou Grant next, which is another 1970's show that I've never seen.
  5. Only the crickets are likely to ever see this, but I've been addicted to a show called McMillan & Wife in recent days. Already watched season 1 and looking forward to seeing more of this classic series. I knew it existed and starred Rock Hudson, but I had never seen it before. It's also made me a Susan Saint James fan, so I'll likely be picking up the complete series set of Kate & Allie one of these days to see more of her work. Had some goodies waiting for me today that I'll have to mix in-between episodes of McMillan & Wife. I already owned 'Where the Boys Are' on Blu-Ray as well as 'When the Boys Meet the Girls'. But 'Follow the Boys' and 'Looking for Love' are new and complete my Connie Francis collection (she only starred in these 4 films). 'Follow the Boys' also finishes up my collection of the 'Where the Boys Are' trilogy (I don't count the awful 1980's remake). Johnny Carson always used to crack jokes about Looking for Love in the later years of his career, commenting on how it should be transferred to flammable nitrate film since it was so bad (Back in the 1980's movie companies were awakening to the idea that their vaults held value and were beginning to transfer classic films off unstable nitrate to modern "safety stock" film; Hollywood transitioned away from nitrate based film in 1951, 15 or so years before Looking for Love was filmed). While I've never seen this one, even if it stinks Connie Francis is at least quite nice to look at and surely her musical numbers are at least worth viewing.
  6. Merry Christmas and happy New Year. December 30th right now and just had a chipmunk outside getting peanuts. Very nice weather at the moment after a bad winter storm.
  7. Sorry haven't been around, still busy with college but wanted to say Merry Christmas It is funny how animals ignore you food is plentiful outside and then boom, once it's gone they are literally knocking on your door for food.
  8. I've not checked in recently (or replied to Onmode over in my private messages), but I'm still around and kicking. My chipmunk friends have all started paying attention to me again in recent weeks. Must be a time of year thing since before September I was mostly being ignored. Dale even stopped coming for much of the summer and I feared the worst. I guess they were just happy with what nature (And my bird feeders) supply and didn't see the need to visit me personally for peanuts. But I suppose they realize it's time to get busy stocking up for winter and are now keeping me busy when I'm outside.
  9. Also on discord there is MidJourney, one of those art generating AIs. Pretty fun to play with. Like this, female 1930s detective in haunted house
  10. Birds do develop pretty quickly. Thankfully for me, since the last time I had some nearby they decided to nest right about my front door. Anyway, still doing college, am going to full time next term since I've been getting all As so far. Got a Steamdeck. Actually O's Steam Deck, he decided he didn't want it. Glad I got his, which was a 512 gig, as opposed to my original 256 order, since my drive is already full
  11. probably sonic 2 despite some turd spoiling that possibly on a random mutual tweet, and definitely happy for shazam 2 at this point...
  12. dont mind me just giving things a teensy jolt... least atari boy will know...
  13. somehow booting up and login to my PSN on vita lead to verify the email and hopefully i never have to do that bs again... and it lead me back to here as well since i cleaned out some of my email that i haven't checked in AGES. hope atari san is doing well. we know you had bad discord experience and once again as always, the server we have is only filled with the few that remain. no other bs people there.... but i'll check in here more often at least. SNIPER OUT.
  14. Things moved along a lot quicker than I thought. The babies all flew today. Had been quite noisy around the bird house in recent days, so I wasn't too surprised. But I had hoped I'd get another week or so of seeing the parents keeping busy and the noises coming from the bird house every time one would show up with a bug or worm. I'm assuming that they moved in and laid eggs unnoticed and what I thought was the start of the moving in process was actually the early days of the parents busying themselves feeding the newborns (It's typically just under 20 days from hatching until they fledge, based off what I've read and watched on YouTube).
  15. A chickadee couple has discovered one of the bird houses that I hung up late last winter and has been busy moving in today. Should be some fledglings come the end of July.
  16. That's like an Ewok tree village of bird feeders. I'm pretty sure my woodpecker is back. At least he chirps at me, he doesn't swoop down like he used to, though. I have been busy, I started online college (for computer science) because Walmart pays for it and the coursework is surprisingly heavy. Like a good 8 hours of reading and interactive exercises and then another 5-6 hours of homework
  17. I've had a woodpecker hanging around my backyard the last few weeks. It's on the trunk of the apple tree in this screenshot I took of a video from my trail camera. Also have had a fox visitor at night lately, which sadly is interested it seems in the scent of a rabbit that likes to munch under my bird feeders at night. Hopefully the bunny keeps eluding the fox (I assume foxes are predator's for rabbits). My Super Mario Sunshine quest a few months ago was successful with all 120 shines. I've stalled out on Super Mario Galaxy thanks to real-life. Mostly have just been playing Super Nintendo games since then (In particular, I've been hooked on the Super Nintendo port of SimCity). Also have been playing a lot of Nintendo games in bed before going to sleep. The two Atari compilations for the DS, Sega Arcade Gallery for the GBA, and Power Drift (Via the Sega 3D Classics compilation), Super Hang-On and Outrun on the 3DS have all been getting played regularly.
  18. Yeah, I haven't seen my friendly woodpecker lately. Hope he's still round.
  19. Just spotted a chipmunk out back. Time to start spending some time outside in the afternoons to renew their acquaintances. Hopefully they didn't forget about me during the course of winter.
  20. Yeah, that's pretty small. Almost as bad as that portable C64 they made (whose name escapes me) I've been thinking about putting another desk in my living room, but then I'd have to move something that my cats sleep on, and I don't want to do that. It's pretty rare that I can get them to sleep on the couch
  21. This little monitor has intrigued me. Been thinking about getting it for the C64 Maxi, but it might be just a bit too tiny for the job. I assume getting full screen 4:3 out of it wouldn't be an issue (Set the C64 Maxi to stretch to 16:9 and set the monitor to stretch that 16:9 source to full screen 4:3). Doesn't however solve the question of where I can keep it set up. I'm up to 92 shines in Super Mario Sunshine. It's been mostly all new to me since I remembered so little about the game from when I played it originally on the GameCube nearly 20 years ago, but I've been having a blast. Some of the common criticisms of it are valid (Too few areas, too much recycling with the tasks you have to do), yet I'm just enjoying myself despite the flaws. We'll see if that changes by the time I get the 120th shine. I don't remember really taking to it the first time around, but it's grabbed me this time. If any of you wonder what's up with AxelMill/AXM, he's on my Switch friends list and is online regularly. So everything presumably is well with him, although he hasn't popped in here to say hello in a long time. If any of you guys are also on the Switch, I'll post my friends code so you can add me (I think Jeremy is a Switch owner, iirc).
  22. I have not actually tried my TheC64 yet because I don't really have anything to plug it into. I need to buy a small TV to put on a desk. I have a 55" Vizio in my living room but it's too big / too far away to game on. Same reason I don't use my Xbone anymore other than to watch DVDs/BRs I buy way too much stuff I don't actually use. Like I have a $100 Lego Castle set next to a $30 Lego Tie Fighter set that I haven't opened, and then in my kitchen I have an inflatable hot tub (still in the box) I bought last month when it got it in, because it was still clearance priced from last year.
  23. All the activity in here is hard to keep up with. I've been busy playing through the Super Mario 3D All-Stars compilation for the Nintendo Switch over the past month (Currently have 35 hours logged into it). I have fully finished Super Mario 64, just passed the 60 shine mark in Super Mario Sunshine last night (Out of presumably 120 shines), and have taken a brief look at Super Mario Galaxy. Money well spent on what's a fine compilation, with likely at least about 35 hours left to go before I 100% Sunshine and Galaxy. While there's things I'd of loved to have seen improved (Both with the source material and how it's emulated), they've been minor quibbles. For instance I never once thought to myself as I played Super Mario 64 that my experience was less entertaining because it's rendered in 720p rather than 1080p, even though the latter would've of course been nice to see. My biggest complaint if it counts as a complaint is what's not here. I'd of loved to have seen Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D Land be included, bringing all of Mario's 3D adventures out on the Switch. The main menu even looks ready made for their inclusion with just enough room to accommodate both games and their soundtracks. I'd absolutely buy an expansion that includes that content, but not holding my breath of that ever happening when Nintendo doesn't even sell this game anymore (It was a limited time release).
  24. How are you liking TheC64, Jeremy? I had a chance to dive into TheC64 Maxi that I got for Christmas today. Pretty impressive little system (Or I should say big system). Updated to the latest firmware that came out last month (v6.1, I believe) and everything seems great. Tons of built in games and every game that I tried to side load off a USB stick worked great. Have a giant C64 romset downloading now to put on it. I did notice two things. The USB ports sure have a death grip on everything and look a bit cheap to my eyes. I think when I figure out how to have this connected permanently, I'll pick up a USB hub to save wear & tear on TheC64's ports since I'll be adding games fairly regularly with my USB drive. Secondly, while trying to hold the joystick like an Atari 2600 controller, I noticed after an hour or so of gaming that the bottom pair of rubber pads had slipped on the joystick's base when I suddenly noticed stickiness on my hand. They're sure not glued on too well if a little body heat made them shift position. Are you supposed to use it with the controller sitting on a desk instead of holding it? Lastly, I hope I have better luck with USB controllers on this than other people do. Would love to use one of my arcade sticks on this for instance, but compatibility is real limited (unless the latest firmware changed things for the better, but I've seen nobody say it's been fixed so doubt it). Why they've never fixed that seems to be a bit puzzling. Would seem trivial to recognize a plain jane USB controller and let you map it to your liking in TheC64's dashboard. At least they added in support for the gamepad and mouse that they're making for their Amiga Mini this year. If a full size Amiga Maxi with working keyboard happens later (Holding out hoping that's the plan just like with TheC64), it will be nice to be able to use those accessories on this system as well. Always wanted an Amiga.
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