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Atari Lynx has turned 30 in 2019 and here at Atari Gamer we're making this into a momentous birthday party! This ahead-of-its-time console is getting a whole lot of presents, so join in with us in celebrations, enjoy all the new games and keep on Lynxing! https://atarigamer.com/pages/celebrating-atari-lynx-30th-birthday
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  2. Hey Jum! So I sent you the videos of me and Tank playing it on Brian's upcoming android emulator. Lot of fun and hard! Petr
  3. Thanks. Balanced and polished version will be presented very soon. I just hope you have been playing the actual version (with credits on title screen) and not the preview version (with "preview" text in that place). Actually I'm somehow surprised by many voices talking about the game being "demo" or a "promise". It IS a game. It needs some polishing, of course, but it has a story, clear objectives, a way to progress, 16 levels with enemies and an ending screen (i bet though that no one has seen it yet, as the game is too hard in this version). It's obviously nothing fancy, but what it needs to not be a demo? Actually this is my first post in Lynx sub-forum when I haven't got a clue how to program this thing: This is when the development on my toolset has started: And here is that "FIRST WORKING CODE!" from 2019-06-07: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1--bOON6OAW3sw-dxm4wgrUq0Ak0WBqp4 It came out the way it has been presented probably only thanks to not being familiar with Lynx programming as we did not knew what is impossible If time permits, that would be cool! It would perfectly fit the console.
  4. There are two flaws I found in this game compared to River Raid: a) shooting the fuel tank only awards ten points - it would improve the game mechanic (should I shoot for more points?) to increase it beyond the points awarded for destroying enemies b) You can't speed up or slow down the plane.
  5. It's probably the most impressive game in the contest visually and shows great promise for a full release. Lynx Quest feels as if you had released a couple of Lynx games before... BTW, I wouldn't mind a Time Pilot port to the Lynx
  6. Guten Tag @enthusi! Tiger here, so to make short story even shorter - we used whatsup for coordination, separate channels for code/gfx/msx. We are Atari 8bit scene group since 1996, so that helps also In details work took like 40 days, first Laoo made all the tools and prepared the field, then Solo and I worked that 40 days non stop (I mean it:)), there was no plan,just improv. I managed to do 2/3 of the gfx the rest is from net - and is subject to change. We learned that Lynx has a nice power potential. Possibly we will show another (smaller) game for Lynx on SV19 and then we go back to classical scene producions in 2020, (already to many games: port of Time Pilot and Flimbo's Quest on A8).
  7. Thanks for feedback I have a much better version at home, with a cinematic scripted system and better, cooler ennemies; Finishing writing the code for a non buggy laser gun and I'll send you this updated version to show at PGRE
  8. Thanks for making this. As the bugs/bits move in a very predictable up/down pattern it was fairly simple to shoot them all by just walking back and forth. I did find out that the control system works well as a mixture of fast/slow moving and diagonal up/go down shooting. It took a while to get it but I like the control system. You should definitely keep this. The graphics is nice. Smooth walking. Other than that. The game is short. For a game like this some coffee shop relaxation music could be fun. You could also leave it as a full 2D game. The box could be an obstacle or it could make giant jumps from one side of the screen to the another until all the bugs are killed. A little like in 2D games where you cannot pass the enemy. Making it 3D would ruin the controls - don't do it.
  9. For those who are interested... If you finish the first 4 worlds, you get a chance to unlock the secret level hinted at in the highscore screen. My advice is to take notes as you play through. *ignore the dotted "D" on my BennVenn screen. I haven't removed the protective layer yet.
  10. @KevinMos3 reported me that he finished world 1, but not having a smartphone with him to take a picture, so he can't show an evidence of it. Have to trust him? Considering his good reputation on the forum, I'm going to do it, so here is the first cheatcode revealed: There are 2 other cheats code, not so hard to find once you know how and where to enter them. If you find them please keep them for yourself. New goal: if Nutmeg wins the contest I'll reveal one more of them to the community. I know there are better games in the contest... but I play my cards ?. So hurry up, vote for Nutmeg!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I agree. Very nice game. The plane slowly crashing didn't bother me (although I agree that at first it feels like maybe you got away without dying until you see the plane slowly fall back), but the thing that stuck out to me was how the bridges blowing up doesn't give any special boom. It goes away like any other object. I think it would be a much more satisfying feeling (with more of a feeling of progressing) if the bridges had a big explosion and maybe a screen shake or flash. Otherwise, I don't have any criticisms. :-)
  12. This has turned out to be very addicting. Especially after I read where you said we get an extra life for clearing the screen. I hadn't realized that before, so it's become a new sub-goal for me. I can't do it often, and it seems like when I do the game gets extremely fast, so I lose a life not long after (which may just be because it usually takes a while for me to accomplish it so it's already at a high speed), but it's still a fun goal to try for. I was playing it non-stop on my plane ride after finishing the first world (levels 1-1 through 1-5) of Nutmeg. I was extremely tired, so I kept dozing off during both games, but had a lot of fun nonetheless. It was great having my Lynx out for a plane ride again... I hadn't done that in many years but this competition gave a fresh reason to. Unfortunately, I don't have my smartphone with me (forgot it in the car at the airport parking lot), so I can't use the QR code to send in any high scores, but I look forward to doing that when I get back home.
  13. Very nice original idea! My favorite so far (not having played longer with some of the more complex games).
  14. Impressive River Raid port for the Lynx! Was it a deliberate design decision to not move the shots with the player? (On both the VCS and Atari 8-bit, fired "missiles"/shots will move with the plane but here they don't, requiring different tactics. I found dying rather "unremarkable" in a literal sense. It takes a bit of time to notice you have lost a plane as there is no perceptible noise, etc. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Forgot to mention that you get a new life every level passed. And to give you an help, when someone post here a screenshot of the end of world 1 (first 5 levels) I'll release one of the cheat codes. ?
  16. Continuing from the point you hit an obstacle will make the game trivial, every level has only a small number of hard points to pass (about 3) and about 60-100 seconds needed to run from start to the end of every level. Most of the level is there only to make you arrive at the hard points without the needed concentration for remembering what to do. For a veteran of video games should not be too hard to memorize 60 seconds of a game. When I was young there where players who could memorize all the paths or the enemies AI strategies of vidogames like Pac Man or Galaga.
  17. In many games you get 3 lifes. So instead of dying permanently your character loose a life and continue just after the obstacle where it was killed. I also am not 10 anymore. (Who could have guessed by looking at what I spend my time on )
  18. Jon MC also did a Youtube video review in his homebrew highlights série :
  19. Thanks a lot Fadest for the info, and thanks Jon MC for the wonderful review! I'm really happy that you all enjoy the game - reading such a great review and your feedbacks here is really a huge boost of morale and motivation to keep making homebrew games! :) @karri: The video is perfect (the format is "stretched" but I guess it's meant to fit your display screen), and thanks a lot for showcasing the game on your PGRE booth! I hope you'll sell plenty of On Duty carts, as the game is very cool and rich content-wise, and feels like it could have been created in the 90's during the commercial life of the Lynx!
  20. I think I cannot express better what I think about it. (edit - just need infinite lives because I'm not 10yo anymore :D)
  21. I tested all the 25 levels, all of them can be passed with some patience. The game design is originally for android devices (tap and jump) and young kids seem to be much better than old player at this kind of games. My 10yo daughter passed some of the levels at first try, while I spent at lest 30 minutes on each of them (and I designed them ?) Just a hint to better aproach the game: often you can pass about half of the level just keeping the button pressed. Trying to play in a different way can be very hard. But at some point in the level you have to change the game strategy if you don't want to hit an obstacle. I designed a good number of levels this way. Think at this game as sort of dinamic puzzle game to find the right escaping path. It's not the right definition for the game, but can help thinking this way.
  22. Still need to go though the 1.2 level. I allways die at the same place than you in the video (the waterfall, or more often the spikes just before the waterfall). I really like the game, but as jumps are intentionally long and high, it is not a game with action and reflexes, but more a game with action and reflexion, you must jump at the right place with good anticipation, and most time, you cannot stop to try to remember what to do. Definitively a nice different felling for a platformer like game.
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