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A club for all things related to AVC Online activities including,our summer show Video Game Summit, Fanzine: The Atari Gamer, and Harmony Games as well anything else about Atari
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  2. 23800 - I'll need to read up on the strategy guide for level 3 - that top row of items is tough to get!
  3. Here's my best so far. I think scores can be easily higher with this one. I like @cwieland score of 2600 and mine of 7800. Just need a 5600 now. My best: 7800
  4. 45900. The game let's you die and replay the level. I died once on the third level so I'm not sure if this counts or not.
  5. I'll have to give this another run when I have a bit more time to play. 2600
  6. Thanks James. Much respect to you and the others who achieved this as I found it to not be that easy. My @Bratwurst controller got a good workout
  7. Despite breaking 1K after this round has ended, I still feel a sense of achievement :-) Score 1137
  8. scores update this completes the round any new scores will count for 1pt on leaderboard until May 13th
  9. scores updated this completes the round new scores will count as 1pt till May 13th
  10. well not my best but like I Ionly going for the 1 point on leader board 41
  11. thanks actually I was able to watch this while in bed on my fire tv saw you have fun with replay and figuring out what sprite did with the sprite doll and the other thing. I missed treat time heard atari took the win will have to watch the replay to see that. will update scores soon
  12. ZPH inspired me to play one more time tonight. Still not breaking the 1k ceiling but I'll take 927.
  13. Score from tonight's ZPH After Dark stream: @ZeroPage Homebrew (James): 143 Points Tanya was not able to complete the game for a score unfortunately. - James
  14. Scores from tonight's ZPH After Dark stream: @ZeroPage Homebrew (James): 815 points @ZeroPage Homebrew (Tanya): 683 points
  15. @cwieland, Congratulations! I knew you would earn a patch. It was just a matter of time. I already added you to the patch list in the RAPTOR forum. I'll send you a PM in regards to getting your patch to you. @ChiTown Chris, great score. Even if you don't break a 1000 points by the time this round is over, keep at it. When you do earn a patch score, send me a PM with a screenshot and I can hook you up with a patch. @littaum, yeah you are better than that. But you are probably just too busy making another great game. I appreciate the praise, especially from an accomplished developer such as yourself.
  16. no problem james, I still have to play raptor myself, I'll skip oozy because I can never finish the game.
  17. Thank you so much Dan, I had plans to play last night or early this morning to make the deadline but I wasn't able to set aside the time to do it! Looking forward to playing both of the games in round 2 very very soon! - James
  18. scores updated we will keep this round open until zeropage hombrew puts in their scores
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