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A club for all things related to AVC Online activities including,our summer show Video Game Summit, Fanzine: The Atari Gamer, and Harmony Games as well anything else about Atari
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  2. Still looking for name of the HSC (tentatively its called the Atari Homebrew HSC for now) speaking of which 2023 harmony division schedule is posted heres the link Harmony Games Division Schedule
  3. With the Announcement of the Upcoming 5th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards figured it was time to announce the Schedule for Harmony Games Division of The Atari Homebrew High Score Contest* Work in Progress (1st round) March 13th: Original games Normal Points| Port games Bonus Points Completed Original Games April 10th: Games above 4k Normal Points| Games 4k and below Bonus Points Completed Port Games May 8th: Games above 4k Normal Points| Games 4k and below Bonus Points * Name of the HSC is tentative as we didn't have anybody post ideas for names since I announced the changes back in July of last year on this post if we don't get any new names for the HSC then we will go with this for this year. I'll announce concerto Division round after Harmony rounds ends. Games will be announced after the AHA Awards show.
  4. AVC Online Website is currently down as we are using Block Theme to reformat the website. and its going well we expect that it should be up sometime before AVC Live next week(11/12/22) up dates are being posted on our facebook page: https://facebook.com/groups/AVCOnline
  5. Thanks to all who played this season of the Harmony games, congrats to James, Charles and Tanya for being our top 3 players. See link in top post about changes for next season (its in bold) See you in 2023
  6. Thanks to all who participated in the 2022 Harmony Games as it was a slow season compared to previous seasons. and I'm sad to say its the official end of the Harmony Games as we know it. With new 7800 games being included into the Atari Homebrew Awards starting next season(which takes place a month after the Awards ends) I will be adding 7800 games to the HSC, with that we can no longer call it the Harmony Games,as it was called that after the harmony cart by @batari (Fred Quimby). So before I go into other changes for the new season I'm looking for an idea of names for it. So if you have any ideas for a new name for this High Score Club post bellow and around Feb before the Awards start I'll do a poll (here on Atari age, on Facebook and on AVC Online website(it will also be mentioned in mailchimp newsletter as well) the winning name will be announced at the start of the season. Now on to the Changes: First Change: Divisions Harmony Games Division- 2600 Hombrew games Concerto Games Division -7800 Homebrew games As normal the Harmony Division will start on the second Monday of the month after Atari Homebrew Awards show After the Harmony Division ends the HSC will take a month off. and then it returns with the Concerto Division also on the second Monday of the month Second change: Graphic Round dropped After major consideration we have decided to to eliminate the Graphics round this was because many times the winner of best graphics was also winner of best game(or didn't have a scoring system) and then we would have either go with second place or vote. By removing this round we can do more work with the winners. Third Change: rounds in Divisions Harmony Division will have 3 rounds: Round 1: Work in Progress (same as past Harmony games (Original games for normal points and Port games for bonus points) Round 2: Completed Original Games ( above 4k games for normal points and 4k and below for bonus points) Final Round :Completed Port Games (same scoring for Completed Original Games round) We decided to split the Original and Ports games to make it more simple for players to play instead having it together but still keeping the bonus play included as well. Concerto Division will have 2 rounds: Round 1: Work in Progress (same scoring as the Harmony division) Final Round: Completed Games ( same scoring for first round) Final Change: Submissions Besides submitting via Atari age, starting next year submissions can be done the following: Atari age via the topic as normal Facebook at the AVC Online facebook group (on the associated post for the the rounds) and via the form at AVC Online website. we added the two new submissions to bring in more players as there are probably not a lot of people who do Atari Age and it makes it more open and give more competition. As of now this HSC will only focus on 2600 and 7800 homebrews. and games can still be played either emulator or via a flash cart (Harmony for 2600, Concerto for 7800(or which ever one is available as there are few more coming out) on actual system. All games are based on winners of Atari Homebrew Awards and must have a scoring system to be used. if winning game doesn't have a scoring system poll for voting will be set up using the following: the game I vote for (I always look for the game that will be good in HSC) and second place winner. See you in 2023 (don't forget to post below what name you want to call the HSC) * btw I will start a second category for concerto division and keep this topic (Harmony games for harmony division)
  7. scores added from ZeroPage Homebrew twitch stream: James: 24,250 Tanya: 5,500
  8. Scores from ZeroPage Homebrew twitch stream added: James: 91,025 Tanya: 78,875
  9. It will be extended will officially do it after 2pm CT
  10. For some reason I thought the rounds ended at midnight so sadly our scores will be submitted late, tonight during After Dark. - James
  11. 46100, level 3, left A, right B difficultly settings
  12. new score done tonight on twitch: 7.400 Get your scores in before July 12th at 2pm
  13. New score done tonight on twtich:2800 (get score in before July 12th at 2pm
  14. Final round has been Extended until July 12th 2pm Central
  15. Final round ends on July 5th,2022 at 2pm CT,if we get less then 5 players the round will be extended till July 12th at 2pm CT.
  16. my first score for this round played on twitch via emulator: 5875 (can't get clear picture of score it on my twitch channel though
  17. Post are now up for final round (Best Games) of 2022 Harmony Games and linked in first post (in bold)round begins June 13th,2022 at noon CT (post are locked until then)
  18. Time to announce the Forth and Final Game of the 2022 Harmony Games Tournament which is RobotWar 2684 by Champ Games which won for Best Port in the 4th annual Atari Homebrew Awards. you can download the game at Champs Games Download Page. Rules for the round: Play on standard, set your difficulty setting on B-fire when button is pressed or *for use of duel controller if you can * I will give 2 extra points for those who use duel controller (for those who are play with duel controller post a picture of the controller that you are using for verification the bonus point will be added at end of the round) This round starts on June 13th,2022 at Noon CT and is scheduled to end on July26th,2022 at 2pm CT the game returns to wave 1 after wave 6 so scores up to wave 6 will be counted. coring for bonus points start at 9pts for first place and ends with 1pt for 9th place and each place after. Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page. Name: Score: Points ---------------------------------- @ZeroPage Homebrew James O: 91,025:9pts @ZeroPage Homebrew Tanya O:78875 :8pts @cwielandCharles W: 28,775 : 7 pts @Dan Iacovelli Dan I: 7,400: 6 pts
  19. Time to announce the Forth and Final Game for the 2022 Harmony Games which is Mr. Yo Yo by David Marli which came in third for Best Original* For the 4th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards Download the game here: Link *Mr Yo You was chosen by a poll we had for best orignal due to the fact that we did a poll for best graphics in originals which included Game Of The Bear that won which also included in this poll (Mr. Yo Yo(the one I voted for) , Game of the Bear(the winner) and Slide boy) Mr. Yo Yo won the poll with 3 votes, Game of the Bear got 2 votes, Slide Boy got no votes. Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page Rules: Start on Level 3 set difficulty switch on A as the game ends on level 9, scores up to Level 9 will be counted(it resets back on level 9 once completed) This round starts on June 13th,2022 at Noon CT and is scheduled to end on July 26th,2022 at 2pm CT Scoring: 10 points for first and 1 points for tenth place and for each after Name: Scores:Points ---------------------------- @cwieland Charles W : 46,100 :10 pts @ZeroPage Homebrew James 0:24,250 : 9 pts @ZeroPage Homebrew Tanya O: 5,500 :8 pts @Dan Iacovelli Dan I: 2,800 :7 pts
  20. after reading instruction of mr. Yo yo, figured I will have to play it few times before I post the rules for the round. so I'll play both orignal and port games (won't be streamed ,but still planning to stream on the 11th) should have rules posted on the 11th around 3pm CT.
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