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Discussions on usage of the free / open source cross-platform image editor: GIMP.
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  2. I usually like using ImageMagick command-line tools for slicing and dicing of images, but getting it to preserve the correct indexed PNG format is headache-inducing. Many times though I've wanted to break up a 7800basic font image into individual images, but it seems that GIMP has no easy native way to do this. Just in case it's of use to anyone else, here's a site that explains how this can be done with the help of a couple of GIMP plug-ins: https://www.gamedev.net/tutorials/visual-arts/slicing-images-using-gimp-the-manual-and-semi-automatical-way-r5257/ I'd also be curious to know if anyone has any other tricks for splitting indexed PNG images, or better ways to do it with GIMP.
  3. I wouldn't say I'm a GIMP fan, more a case of it's a necessary evil ! That said, I've become more accustomed to using it in my workflow. At times it frustrates me, partly because it's GiMP, partly my lack of knowledge. For example, I have the latest version installed but if I try to open png's of a certain dimension or bit depth, it crashes. Every time. re-installed same issue. Grrr. I guess the best thing that I like is from a pixel editing point of view, I can do things that I can't in the ADS sprite editor like arbitrary rotations (used this a lot doing the airplane sprites in Danger Zone).
  4. I'm on Linux, and while there are some alternatives, Gimp is pretty much the defacto choice for raster editing. I used to do Photoshop on Windows up until version 4, but switched to Linux and Gimp at that point and haven't looked back. At this point any feature-rich photo/raster editing software will have all of the functionality 90% of users need, so I don't think you'll get a response with some killer feature that's exclusive to gimp. So for me it's a matter of... It's a feature-rich editor, with a standard plug-in format, and a ton of file import/export options. It adheres to file standards quite well. It has a large user-base, with a ton of tutorials, community support, and add-ons available. It's available on many different OS platforms. It's Free Software. It's free software. It's local software that doesn't require a subscription.
  5. While I've been aware of GIMP for a long time (since it has a long and important history in the free/open source software community), I've not used it much until recently. I'm lazy, and have used image-editing programs with similar interfaces for my mostly modest image-editing needs. Still, I'm aware that GIMP is powerful and feature-rich, so learning to make better use of it will probably benefit me in the long run. Anyway, for those of you who are GIMP fans and/or long-time users, what do you like about it compared to other options available on your platform?
  6. Here's one that's useful if you want to work with pixels that aren't square: http://www.jubatian.com/articles/using-non-square-pixel-aspect-ratios-in-gimp/ And a few not-directly gimp related, but definitely pixel art related... https://opengameart.org/ - pixel art repository Brandon James Greer's youtube channel - pixel art demonstration and tips PacManRed's free sprites for the taking thread - contains 2600 and 7800 pixel art
  7. Thanks! I'll add a section for 7800-related resources to the resources sticky, and add these links.
  8. Well, just to get started I can share a few things that I've posted in the past. I did a basic overview of using GIMP for 7800 graphics here: Random Terrain adapted the above post for his website here: https://www.randomterrain.com/7800basic-graphics.html And I did another one in Part 2 of my 7800 programming tutorial here:
  9. This group was created for users of the powerful image editor GIMP to share usage information and tips. Users of the 7800basic language in particular need a way to create PNG files in indexed color mode to use in their games, and GIMP supports this mode well, unlike many other image editors. Beyond 7800basic, GIMP is a powerful free / open source editor, and is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and many other platforms, so it is likely used by many other hobbyists on this site.
  10. Official Resources from gimp.org: Documentation Homepage Official Manual (English version) Frequently Asked Questions GIMP Tutorials Unofficial Resources: Forums on gimpusers.com 7800-related Resources: GIMP 7800 graphics tutorial by @Atarius Maximus Another GIMP 7800 tutorial as part of a 7800basic tutorial by @Atarius Maximus If anyone has any other useful links, comment here, and I will add them to the list.
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