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A club for those interested in Atari classic BBSing, 8-bit or ST/TT/Falcon, running or calling, how-to's as well as general discussion.
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  2. thesybariteorg.sytes.net:420 Up and running. ForeSight Software. Give it a go!!! James
  3. The new telnet address for BikerBob's Clubhouse is: bikerbobsclubhouse.ddns.net:1040 -JP
  4. This is a real departure from the typical basic code Atari BBS and contains great features especially in the message bases with find and replace editing, “what” feature for reading reply source message and grouping, database improvements for stability, and low maintenance. Atascii / SyncTerm Atari Screen Mode – Restoration by The Southern Amis Projects. Former Atari Corporate BBS nitelite.ddns.net:9000
  5. Amis

    Amis XE

    Built from the framework of MACE 1986 AMIS, Amis XE is perfected to work with the host wimodem232, FujiNet device, and Altirra. The BBS is a platform for continuous innovation of AMIS as a work from the southern amis projects. Board support Ascii and Atascii and modified but yet keeping the charm of original AMIS. amis86.ddns.net:9000
  6. though I've mentioned this for years and years I did so again apparently...and periodically thereafter...
  7. Welcome! And thanks for reminding me of my almost three year old post about that blog post. I mentioned in my post that I was trying to track down "The Mighty Atar". I think it was some time last year that his real name may have suddenly come to me. I emailed UFP alum Damian (who made the log off screen on Alcatraz) and he suspected that the name I came up with is either correct or certainly someone that was involved back in the day. I found them on Facebook, but they have yet to respond to my message. -JP
  8. I did find a copy of tuffhack on one of the Alcatraz disks but I don’t think that was a ufp item. if you search for “unearthed files from alcatraz” on the main Atari age site you should Be to find a copy of it along with “PhoReM” from null cypher.
  9. Welcome to the party! Always good to get a little more BBS history. Can't say that I used the dialers, but if I ever see it come up we'll let you know! Hope to see you around BBS land too!
  10. I'm glad this found its way around a bit more than the blog - Mike (Overlord, his blog bost) and I (Freddie) ran Death Star (I also ran Elm Street). So fun seeing some of this old stuff again (got a great kick out of seeing my old handle on the logoff screen of Alcatraz yesterday!) Pretty sure all the source is long-gone (I modified the heck out of a lot of BBS programs back then) but don't think I uploaded them anywhere.. but one thing that did make the rounds was a "dialer" (to find phreaking codes) that I wrote.. I have no idea what I called it, but most likely it would have had "Freddie" on the title screen and possibly UFP and/or Death Star.. if that triggers a memory for anyone as to where it can be found, let me know!
  11. Absolutely! One of the best things I ever got into was BBS'ing. That was true then, and it's still true today.
  12. Those who have run a BBS on Altirra are very familiar with the occasional restart after a Windows update. If your Windows box has a single user account that automatically logs in after a reboot, then it is possible to create an event that automatically restarts your BBS. Unfortunately, I run two BBSs on the same machine. This means each BBS needs to be in their own account since each instance of Altirra saves its profile to the Windows registry. Therefore, creating an automatic restart of both my BBSs is not trivial. After a Windows restart, my BBSs will be down until I manually restart them. To help speed up the process of restarting my BBSs, I created an event that sends me an email when my Windows box restarts. I figured this might be helpful to some other SysOps, so I wrote the attached tutorial that explains how I created this email alert. Let me know if you questions on the document. You can read the tutorial at the following link: https://southernamis.wixsite.com/website/forum/general-discussions/windows-reboot-email-alert
  13. DarkForce is still around! The Fuji Lives!
  14. Eh, so some people apparently do care. I guess I can move it to the front burner then.....
  15. Baud Days are like comets. They do not come around too often. 12/24/1996 marked the first Baud Day with little fanfare as many saw the writing on the wall that the days of the BBS were numbered due to the rise of the Internet. But now that the BBS has experienced a renaissance, we get to have our very own BBS Mardi Gras! And a celebration it must be as the next Baud Day will not happen until 12/24/2096! ?
  16. Still trying to find stuff for this.. if anyone is following. The 2.5.1c is great, as the last version I can find, would love to know what is different from 2.2 or 2.3, but nothing with it. WHAT about a manual?? anyone? for FoReM or Turbo?
  17. When I was testing my stuff I was using the ultimate cart. Might be a little redundant on what you may already have but it did seem to work when I was testing FoReM xe pro last year.
  18. So i think the current issue is my Basic XE cart. Im using a 4in1 with basic xe 4.x ; but it seems to be the common thing keeping my system from booting. ill give a body part (or cash) for a real basic xe cart
  19. The problem with many old copies of BBS software is that it's already monkeyed with and set up for others stuff... that means autorun.sys... ar0 ar1 ar2 etc... are set up with their own flavor of R: or T: devices... different R.bins You will find some of them have these appended to the BBS... With BASIC based BBS it sometimes requires being listed the entered to kill off the bloat... this removes appended binaries etc. For machine language or other BBS's and terminals, it's a bit more of an issue... you have to separate the two segments... A clean copy if possible is the easiest and best way... but some of the Sysops and coding gurus can easier separate the wheat from the chaff ... The carnival disk was loading a non existent device... making a tone... that's the sign of an R: bin or T: bin for MPP 1030 xm301 etc...
  20. From my experience, PRC.SYS is all you'll likely need. The RS232.COM might help, but most things have an RS232.COM (or equivalent) hanging around.
  21. Well, that's probably a good place to start. The PRC.SYS is going to be very important for many things. If you can't find an ATR of the ICD disks for the P:R:C I'm sure we can find someone who has it somewhere... otherwise, I know I have the actual disks I can probably image.
  22. Started playing with it in an emulator. Core bbs code works.. good start
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