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  1. Atari Systems

    1. Atari General

      A general discussion for Atari-related topics that aren't covered by a specific Atari console or computer forum.

    2. Atari 2600

      The Atari 2600 is the system that started it all for Atari, and is by far the most popular classic gaming console. This forum covers all 2600 systems produced by Atari, as well as 2600-compatible consoles produced by third-parties.

    3. Atari 5200

      The Atari 5200 was Atari's second cartridge-based game console. Based on the Atari 8-bit computer line and labeled the "SuperSystem", the 5200 was Atari's answer to growing competition in a market they were losing control over.

    4. Atari 7800

      The Atari 7800 ProSystem is a contemporary of the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Master System. Based on extensive feedback from Atari customers, the 7800 features a streamlined design, backward compatibility with the 2600, a powerful graphics processor, and simplified controllers.

    5. Atari Lynx

      Lynx was Atari's first portable game system, and world's first color handheld. It was designed by Epyx and the engineers who created the Amiga. Ahead of its time, the Lynx sported a backlit color screen, stereo sound (in model 2) and an impressive range of games. Check out our rarity guide or explore many games listed on Atari Gamer.


    6. Atari Jaguar

      Atari's last game console, the Atari Jaguar represented a huge leap in technology from previous offerings. Featuring a 64-bit architecture, the Jaguar had great potential, but its power was difficult to tap. Even then, many great games were released and the Jaguar has an avid fan base today.

    7. Atari VCS

      Discussion forum for the new Atari VCS console.

    8. Dedicated Systems

      Before Atari produced the famous 2600, they created many standalone consoles such as Pong, Speedway, and Stunt Cycle. Recently, Atari has been creating new dedicated consoles, such as the Atari Flashback.

    9. Atari 8-Bit Computers

      Atari's original 8-bit computer line, featuring the Atari 400, 800, XL, and XE series of computers. Powerful and well-engineered, the Atari 8-bit computers are still popular with fans today!

    10. Atari ST/TT/Falcon Computers

      Atari's next generation computer line, the Atari ST computers were based on the Motorola 68000 series chips, the same as the Macintosh at the time. The ST would also be followed by the TT and Falcon.

    11. Atari Portfolio

      The Atari Portfolio is a palmtop, IBM PC-compatible portable computer released by Atari in 1989, the world's first palmtop computer!

  2. Classic Consoles

    1. Classic Console Discussion

      Discussion of classic gaming consoles outside the Atari realm.

    2. ColecoVision / Adam

      Coleco launched the ColecoVision in 1982, with the console quickly becoming popular due to its library of arcade ports. The ColecoVision has a large homebrew following today.

    3. Intellivision / Aquarius

      This forum is for discussion of the Mattel Intellivision, Atari's primary competitor against the 2600, as well as the Mattel Aquarius computer. Intellivision systems include the original Intellivision, Intellivision II, INTV III, and the Sears Super Video Arcade.

    4. Bally Arcade/Astrocade

      Discussion forum for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade console.

    5. Odyssey 2 / Videopac

      Discussion revolving around the Odyssey 2 / Videopac G7000/G7400

    6. Vectrex

      Discuss the world's only vector-based video game console here!

    7. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom

      Discuss Nintendo's first cartridge-based system, the NES, here!

    8. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) / Super Famicom

      Discuss Nintendo's second cartridge based system here!

    9. Sega Genesis

      Sega's popular fourth-generation 16-bit system, would ultimately compete head-to-head with the Super Nintendo.

    10. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

      Discussion forum for the 3DO console and the unreleased Panasonic M2

    11. Dreamcast

      Discussion for the SEGA Dreamcast console.

    12. SMS High Score Club

      Join the Sega Master System High Score Club today!

    13. TG-16/PC Engine High Score Club

      Compete for high scores on the TurboGrafx-16 and PC Engine!

  3. Classic Computing

    1. Classic Computing Discussion

      Use this forum to discuss the plethora of classic computers outside of Atari 8-bit offerings. These include the Apple II, Commodore 64/128, Amiga, TI 99/4a, MSX, TRS-80 and others.

    2. Apple II Computers

      Discussion for Apple's 8-bit computer line.

    3. 227k
    4. Commodore 8-bit Computers

      Discussion for Commodore PET, Vic-20, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and other 8-bit Commodore systems.

    5. Commodore Amiga

      Discussion for Amiga Computers, CDTV, and CD32

    6. Tandy Computers

      Discussion for Tandy computers, including the TRS-80 Models I, II, III, and 4, Color Computers, and Model 100.

  4. Modern Consoles

    1. Modern Gaming Discussion

      This forum is for discussion of all modern game systems, including gaming on consoles and computers.

    2. Sony Playstation 5

      Discuss Sony's Playstation 5 console here!

    3. Xbox Series S/X

      Discuss Microsoft's latest Xbox Series S and X consoles here!

    4. Atari VCS (Redirect)   (6,979 visits to this link)

      Discussion forum for the new Atari VCS console.

    5. Nintendo Switch

      Discussion about Nintendo's latest game console and games.

    6. Microsoft Xbox One

      Discussion forum for the Xbox One.

    7. Sony PlayStation 4

      Talk about the Sony Playstation 4 here.

    8. Microsoft Xbox 360

      Discussion about the Microsoft Xbox 360 (not including the original Xbox).

    9. Sony Playstation 3

      Please discuss the Sony Playstation 3 and games here.

    10. Nintendo Wii / Wii U

      Discussion forum for the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles and games.

  5. Gaming General

    1. Gaming General Discussion

      Gaming discussion not covered by other specific gaming forums.

    2. Arcade and Pinball

      Many of us grew up pumping quarters into arcade games, and here's where you can discuss all your favorites. From Pong to Pinball to the latest arcade games, if it has a coin slot, then you're at the right place!

    3. Emulation

      Emulators allow you to experience classic games on modern PCs (and other devices!) Discuss the latest emulator developments and ask questions about emulation here!

    4. Hardware

      This forum is for discussion of hardware at a more technical level than you'll find in the other forums. If you have a hardware question you'd like to ask or have some interesting knowledge you'd like to share with others, post it here!

    5. Prototypes

      Ever wondered about all those games that were announced but never released? Or games that have been discovered over the years that no one even knew existed? Or have you discovered a new prototype that no one's seen yet? Here's the place to talk about prototype games, led by Tempest of AtariProtos.com.

    6. Gaming Publications and Websites

      This forum is for discussion of gaming related magazines, books, websites, and other publications.

    7. International

      Internacional - Internazionale - Internationaal - Internasjonal - This forum is for discussion of classic and modern gaming in languages other than English.

  6. Marketplace

    1. Buy, Sell, and Trade

      Please use this forum as a tool to buy, sell, and trade games and hardware.

    2. Auction Central

      Use this forum to discuss auctions on eBay. Have something up for auction you'd like to share? Post it here! You can also highlight amusing, off-the-wall, or interesting auctions that others may want to hear about!

    3. Wanted

      Use this forum to post a list of the gaming hardware and software you're looking for!

    4. Free Games and More

      Spreading the Love with Free Games and other items.

    5. User Feedback Forum

      Please use this forum to leave feedback about other users on AtariAge that you've had good and/or bad experiences with. Please read the sticky at the top of this forum before posting!

  7. Community

    1. Events

      Use this forum to discuss gaming events of all types, including expos revolving around classic gaming, events catering to modern systems, arcade expos, and local gatherings of collectors getting together or a day of gaming.

    2. Show Us Your Collection!

      If you're a repeat visitor to AtariAge, it's likely you also collect classic games and systems. Here's your chance to show off to the rest of the community your collection!

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      As members update their Blogs, messages will be posted in this forum so you can more easily keep tabs on who's writing what!

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    6. Contests

      These forums are for discussing and participating in contests started by AtariAge, contests run by forum members, and of course, the weekly High Score Contests!

    7. User Groups

      This forum and its subforums are for classic gaming and computing user groups. Find people in your area who share your love of this hobby!

    8. AtariAge News Discussion

      Discuss news posted on the front page of AtariAge!

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      Please submit classic gaming news here!

  8. Game Programming

    1. Homebrew Discussion

      Here you can talk about homebrew games that don't have their own forums allocated (which will be most of them). Have an idea for a game that you'd like to see someone program? Are you programming a game and want some feedback? Discuss it here!

    2. Programming

      The programming forums are technical discussions of programming various classic gaming consoles. The more popular consoles have their own dedicated programing forums, so please only use this forum for topics that fall outside of those forums.

    3. Hacks

      A hack is an existing game that has somehow been modifed in terms of graphics, colors, sounds, and/or gameplay. If you've modified a game and would like to share it with others, or have an idea for a modification you'd like to see done to an existing game, you can discuss it here.

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    • GoldLeader

      Damn it ANALOGUE!   Now I have to get up early on Friday because I want a Transparent Green one!
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    • bent_pin

      Either never had or misplaced my 400 psu. Ordered a replacement with overnight shipping. I have a new Wico trackball to test.
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    • littaum

      Decided to try my hand at re-attaching labels on my Edtris cart, purchased in the 90's.  The end label was off, and the top label was just about to fall off.  At first I was going to use Elmer's school glue, but doing some reading some people recommended Aleen's Tacky Glue to attach paper to plastic.   $1.29 at Jo-Ann's fabrics later and I was ready to try it out.  The before picture:
      and, after.  I did the end label and the top label.  It did not do too bad of a job!  The labels are holding and I did not see any obvious discoloration due to the glue.  In hindsight I would have made sure to get the entire outside of the label glued, but I also wanted to avoid having the glue smear the front of the label.  The line through the center of the end label was there before I did the gluing.

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    • Nathan Strum

      Elevator Agent (from Champ games) box art revealed:
      Elevator Agent and Turbo Arcade will be available at PRGE next month!
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    • SlidellMan

      Paper Mario: Wish Upon Abyss
      Some of these Paper Mario ROMhacks are worth checking out.
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    • Found some more.   46 47 and 55 x 3 - the most busy QA guy.   The Blue one’s all come from early HK Gatefolds. Unsure of the Dixons one - guessing that is the UK retailer.
    • They all appear to be non-US variants. Maybe that's a clue as to their source? 
    • I think that being a merchandise-first company and what not is against the spirit of what Atari was about... a video game company. Yes, early on, Atari manufactured the hardware like the arcade hardware and home console and home computers but first of all, all that hardware was meaningless without the content..  games and apps. It was that "software" that was most important. Hardware facilitates but it is software ultimately. It was what people remembered. It is what made the Atari Experience. So, Atari like Sega can be software/video games, first. Hardware can be later and hold a meaningful place when there is capacity. Nintendo is more about its content than its consoles. Even if Nintendo stop making console, it will survive as a company by making games and its large IP collection. If Atari made/published games prominently on PC and Android/iOS, and added support for stuff like Tilt Five and VR/XR, tapping into that game Experience that is unique especially like Tilt Five provides, driving up sales for the hardware accessory but bringing new gaming experience. I may help open the door for them on that front. They help with their brand market value. Culling the resources of various developers in the market. Atari doesn't have to do everything in-house. Especially if you don't have billion dollars+ in the accounts. 
    • Oh I love this.   I can contribute without much effort and not fully exhaustive.   Dixons 18 22 23 30 missing sticker  rare 2506 $2    
    • Yeah, to put it in its full context, the Speaker Hat came out in 2017, alongside the launch of Atari's crypto token and the crowdfunding for the Gameband, which ultimately never shipped.   The only meaningful game release that year was the PC port of Rollercoaster Tycoon, a mobile game that had come out the previous year. They were definitely a merch company first and only an occasional publisher of games at the time.   Had it come out last year, when they released ten games on Steam most of which were quite decent, I don't think anyone would have batted an eyelid.
    • If this means that PAL carts run at full speed, then that's great news.   If there is a system update, will it include a toggle between 50Hz and 60Hz?
    • Had a pain trying to format the 64GB card to FAT32 and gave up. I also have a suspicion it was a counterfeit card as it did not arrive in retail packaging and was in a little bag marked as "refurbished". Very sus. So next I ordered a 32GB Ultra card and made sure it was in the retail packaging. This works fine.   If anyone would like to send me a memory card (i'll happily pay for it) which does not work I can investigate, currently I cannot find a problem.
    • Yeah, I have no doubt. It clearly took the NESmaker and GameMaker guys a whole lotta time, skill, and dedication to the thing they were passionate about to make such game creation tools. Total respect to them for that. And the results speak for themselves, both in terms of it opening up game development to far more people and indeed the money they're making from their game creation tools. And, since I was interested in developing simple mobile and PC titles at the time, the GameMaker guys got my money as a result, multiple times over with multiple versions, which amounted to multiple hundreds of pounds from me alone at the end of the day. And I ultimately published seven games on iOS/Android/Amazon, got a game greenlit on Steam (although never actually released it), used it to build a simple platform game for the youth employability group I was working with at the time, and have created endless playable demos/concepts/mockups out of it. So I give absolute thanks to them for that. They done did good!   So, here I am in the SNES sub-forum opening up a discussion about the creation of a similar tool for SNES, or indeed whatever it would take to help meaningfully grow the SNES development community ideally beyond primarily a handful of hardcore Assembly programmers. Because I think that would be a game-changer, and it would certianly aid me immensely too in terms of making actual working SNES content.   Is any of the stuff you're working on for SNES?
    • Thanks as ever to @Vocelli for runnning a great club, and to all my fellow competitors for making it so much fun. I think I enjoy HSC so much because it feels like it really does create a virtual version of the way that my extended family (often 20+ people converging from all over London and beyond) would crowd round my grandparents TV in 1980-81 and all try and beat each others scores. As for games:   Favourites:   Ms Pac Man - Just a brilliant port given the limits of the system. Very much GCC knocking it out of the park, and proof positive of how the abomination that was 2600 Pac Man could and should have been much better   H.E.R.O - Just a brilliant 2600 game. Absolutely astonishing given the limits of the 2600. The depth of it is far beyond anything thought possible just a few years earlier, and the core gameplay still holds up now   Biggest suurprises    Stay Frosty 2 - I loved this. Just a brilliantly thought out homebrew, and in Gameplay terms it matches well loved games on much more powerful systems. This is a game I will definitelty be playing on the off season. and a part of me feels it belongs with the two favourites   Elevators Amiss - I know reactions to this were mixed, but I really enjoyed this one. Not sure why, but it just grabbed me. Another I will be playing while there is no HSC    Worst Games   Burgertime - I did not like this at all. I was never a fan of this even in the arcade, and (even allowing for the hardware) this is not a good conversion imho. I can safely say I wont be playing this again   Sky Diver - A very early title, and one that has really not aged well IMHO. While other early games (Combat and Air Sea Battle spring to mind) from the very early catalogue maintain a primitive appeal even now, this one maintains interest for me only as a "museum piece" rather than entertainment. Well put together, but for my money no fun at all   Again I could mention loads of other. Stampede, Lady Bug, Gyruss, Crystal Castles and Communist Mutants all feel like they should be in some kind of top games list, so lots of great entertainment  
    • That could be a bad transistor, 2n3904 (recalling model number from memory here).    Could be antic also. Maybe check 4050 chip.    I think if the delay line was dying you'd just get a black screen.    One thing, can you power up the machine with audio turned up high.Do you hear anything though audio? It can tell you a lot depending on what you hear. Upload a video also if you can. Pics and videos really help here.    Edit: I'd strongly recommend not putting a new antic or gtia chips in just yet. Just in case there is a voltage issue. Otherwise you can potentially fry them. Check everything else first before popping these in. Antics are hard to come by, at least over here. Ntsc ones might be more readily available. 
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