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Bliss will support Atari 5200


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Here's the latest status update from the Bliss site ( http://bliss.emuviews.com/ ):


"Work continues on the Atari 5200 emulation. I have most of the video modes implemented, but I still need to add support for player-missile graphics and input before I can make a release. No word yet on how long this will require or when a release will be forthcoming. Sorry I don't have more info for you, but I've included some screenshots below for your viewing pleasure.


By the way, does anyone out there have a complete list of memory maps for each of the cartridges that were available for the Atari 5200? I've noticed that most of the Atari 5200 emulators that exist today use default memory maps for each cartridge depending on the size of the cartridge ROM, but I know that there were often variations from the "standard" memory maps. If I'm shooting for high compatibility, I'll need that memory map information. If you can contribute any of this info, please feel free to email me. It would be much appreciated. Now on to the screenshots..."

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No...Bliss is currently an awesome Intellivision emulator that started off as Java based. But has migrated to the win32 platform. Kyle Davis the guy behind Bliss is going to make Bliss eventually emulate all the pre-Nes systems (hopefully). He is starting with the 5200 as his next system to emulate.


Let's all wish him luck on this project as I for one and excited to see it happen.

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