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NECG Meet- Feb.25th

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Alright its official, Sunday Febuary 25th, from 3:30pm til sometime in the evening.


Bring lots and lots of trade items and some cash as well. Bring snack, drinks and beer if you like. Spouses and kids are welcome. First time guests will be made to feel right at home and long absent members are encouraged to come out. There will be contests, auctions, trades and some cool stuff from Op-Code. If you've got something you wanna play or show off please bring it.


If you'd like to set up some pre-meet deals post away, this is especially helpful for large items. If you want to get a jump on the MapQuesting heres my new address -


653 South St

Roslindale MA 02131


You are strongly advised to follow the directions carefully because looking at a map will make your head hurt, there are a lot of one way streets and streets that change names...this is Boston after all. Parking is on street but I would add that its a lot easier to find a spot here than at the previous locations.


So this time around we'll have lots of space for trading items but my legendary collection is still in boxes, eh we'll be having to much fun watching Kirk flail around with the Wii to care. Barring some sort of crazy winter storm this meet is a go ahead and should be lots of fun. I'd like to shamelessly suggest guests bring "game-room house warming" presents, I dunno, inflatable chairs, extra controllers, beer stiens or other fun stuff.


Ok so if you have any questions at all post em or PM me.


@clubninja, can you send this out to the grouplist?

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I'm still mad that you don't live around the block anymore. I guess that I will have to haul my lazy ass out to Roslindale. Kim will be there too, and we will have some piss beer in hand.


I am going to holding a raffle for an Atari 400 Chess proto during this NECG meet. Info can be found here:



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That would be me with the switchbox, if I can sort through my old stuff I'll show up. I've kinda fallen out of gaming slightly, which is why I haven't been responding to anything. But if I can gather a good amount of old crap together, I'll bring it cause I'm still looking for both monies and some random games (any snes or VB game I don't have pretty much) But yeah I'll bring the switchbox if I can find it. Moving 3 times in 6 months gets you very disorganized.


Oh yeah, if anyone forgot who I am since you only met me once, I'm the guy with the modded xbox from 2 meets ago.

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I'd like to shamelessly suggest guests bring "game-room house warming" presents, I dunno, inflatable chairs, extra controllers, beer stiens or other fun stuff.
Would you be interested in one of those cassette holders that hangs on the wall? They're perfect for displaying loose Genesis/SMS carts.


EDIT: Here's the one I'm talking about (I've since removed all the games, of course):


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I will be there! This will be my first meet, but I think I can get the hang of it. I will bring some snacks and good beer and my girlfriend (crap, I mean fiance), who is not a huge gamer but IS a good sport. If there are kids there she will play with them and when we get home we will have a huge discussion about when WE will have a kid. (Someday, just not like right now, OK?!) Ahem.


Sounds awesome and I am looking forward to it. I will post trade stuff in the other thread.

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man, i am smart enough to keep my mouth shut on this one.


looking forward to meeting you in person! :D


When that happens, tell her she's not doing enough of the making to do enough of the having. So she should get to more of the making.

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First off, is South Street one way at all? If so, I'll make sure to make appropriate directions modifications.


And two, I want to warn everyone that I'm not exactly sick, but I do have a bit of a cough and sore throat. Nothing serious, but don't be surprised if you hear my clearing my throat a lot as well as talking in a deeper than normal voice.

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Go along Washington St. until the intersection of Archdale (theres a light), turn toward the arch and then take a left before going under the arch, thats my street. Yes its one way. Please be aware that South St. stops and starts all over the place so be sure to carefully study your directions. Anyways if you get lost just call 617-524-7803.

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