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Interview with Bill Kunkel

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http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Ser...2990/kunkel.htmChris Federico of Orphaned Computers & Game Systems has posted an interview with Bill Kunkel. Bill Kunkel was one of the founders of Electronic Games magazine back in the early 80's and was also one of its most prolific writers. Here Bill talks about leaving the comic book industry to writing about video games full time:


Honestly, if the comic companies had paid a little better, I might never have gotten into game journalism. But we really loved these games, and it was such an opportunity -- I could never believe that there weren't all kinds of game magazines out there, given that Atari had busted things open in '78, and here it was the summer of '81! We were still the only ones who seemed to get it. Even the game companies wondered why we were writing about them!


You can find the complete interview here.

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