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I am updating the Pepsi Invaders registry


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Is this registry still being maintained? If so, I have an original Pepsi Invaders cart. How do I get listed on the Registry?

Post some pics, and if you have some background as to how you came to own it, folks around here would love to hear the story. After that, the resident experts will add you. ;) :thumbsup:

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As I remember it, I bought this cart (in a box of about 10 cartridges) for about $5 at a flea market just north of Atlanta about 15 years ago. Although I played it once after buying it, I never thought about it again until this past week when I decided to pull out my collection of 2600 games (about 40 or so) and play with them. Needless to say I was floored to see how rare the cart is. Thanks to this wonderful website and some videos on YouTube, I was able to confirm that what I have is an original cartridge and not a later repro. Amazing, huh?




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