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AtariAge Master Wii Code List


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I need to update my Wii-code:


3544 2826 2434 3977


My youngest son is the owner of my original Wii console (a birthday gift to him when I couldn't find a new one to give him) and the above number is for my new Wii.


Right now I'm playing Animal Crossing and would like to be added to anyones Friend List that is also playing the game.





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I bought a new Wii so the old MMF code is now MrsMMF's! Here's mine:


4068 9348 9129 3455


I just added Crossbow, Moycon, icbrkr, Mendon, Tempest, Phaxda, Bivotar, Xot and Sauron to my list. LMK if you added me and you're on page one and I'll add your code too!

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I have my wii for two years but I don't know exactly what are these codes for.

What do we get adding each other to, IIRC, friend list? Just to show our Mii in that Plaza thing?


Can we play together? Which games support this?

I only have played Mario Kart in the net, I'm not really used to playing online with the wii.

I would be great if we could play emulators ;-). And this brings me another question: can homebrew modified wiis conect as the normal ones?

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