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FB2 Cart Modder - Test please....

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I don't have these two carts and I need to get a valid test:


Anyone with a cart modded FB2, that owns Dragon Fire and Riddle of the Sphinx, can you please try them on your console and let me know the results, I need to see if my Timint $285 register is implemented properly for compatibility.



Thank you.





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For what it's worth, I did not have the timer implemented properly in my FPGA and these games worked fine. Basically, it was a case where the CPU could never, ever get out of the polling loop that checks to see if the timer reaches zero. The games this did impact (comming from memory here) were Boxing and Berzerk among others.

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So they are playing - no lockups huh, no garbled graphics, missing elements - but they are running, huh? Hmmmm, okay - okay then the register is correct... Now I gotta see about FE banking - damned Activision games! ;-)


Thanks Mitch... damn I'm tired, I need some sleep, have a good weekend....




I played them both for several minutes and did not notice anything strange. Is there something I should be looking for?



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